Backpacking Fiji National Parks and Trails!

The National Trust of Fiji takes care of 6 National Parks with outstanding beauty. Backpacking Fiji trails includes...

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Koroyanitu National Park, Nadi Area, Viti Levu

This National Park features camping and scenic lodge, a visitor center, several overnight and day backpacks. There is a wonderful looping trail that leads into the rainforest, that returns along the grassy, open ridges of the surrounding hills with views of the sea in the far distance and 4 waterfalls, and through Banyan Tree forests to a high waterfall. You have to hike there!

Nadi Area, Viti Levu
Nadi Area, Viti Levu, backpacking fiji

Sigatoka Sandunes National Park, Viti Levu

A protected environment administered by the National Trust of Fiji, is this 4 mile stretch of large sandunes along the coast. The park offers an informative visitor center about the ecology and history of the area. The sandunes, which often expose ancient pottery shards, have many trails to experience.

Sigatoka Sandunes National Park
Sigatoka Sandunes National Park, backpacking fiji

Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve, Suva, Viti Levu

Less than 20 minutes drive from Suva, it has 6 km of backpacking Fiji trails through rainforest. The region has scenic lookouts, bird life, indigenous flora, and several small waterfalls. Note: being close to Suva, a recent case of rape has further scarred the name of the park and the park is a hot spot for crime. Buses go past Colo-i-Suva into the center of Naitasiri. Naitasiri is small family plantations and very traditional with lots of thatch villages, a stunning area. To explore the experience of old Fiji, see Namosi and neighbouring Naitasiri. Roads are frequently flooded and rainy weather is normal. Before exploring the local beverage of kavakava (yaqona ceremony), go to the local chief and ask his permission, you will be encouraged to take a local villager with you as a guide. This is traditional countryside and although accessible to tourists, village protocol should be observed.

Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve
Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve, backpacking fiji

Bouma National Park, Taveuni, Northern Islands

This park offers 3 separate hikes in the beautiful Garden Island of Taveuni, all spectacular:

  • Tavoro Waterfalls
  • Lavena Coastal Walk

Lavena Coastal Walk
Lavena Coastal Walk, backpacking fiji

  • Vidawa Rainforest Hike

A well maintained trail, Tavoro Waterfalls leads to 3 waterfalls. A 5 minute easy hike from the main road takes you to the 1st waterfall. Fiji backpacking for thirty minutes up steep slopes crossing rivers, leads to the 2nd and 3rd falls.

Before heading inland through tropical forest to a beautiful swimming waterfall, the Lavena Coastal Walk is much easier and follows the coastline for one hour with great views.

Guide required, a rough trail to Lake Tagimaucia, the home of the rare Tagimaucia flower that comes out in abundance between October and December, this arduous hike takes a whole day hacking through steep rainforest.

Nausori Highlands, Nadi Area, Viti Levu

This inland non-urban region is a nice group of volcanic peaks, river valleys and rolling hills. Also, spectacular views over the southern Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca to the west are offered by the highlands. During the wet season from December to April, the hills change from sunburned grassland to lush green valleys.

Yasawa Islands
Yasawa Islands, backpacking fiji

Waya Island, Yasawa Islands

Some of the most scenic hikes in Fiji are the scenic trails along the hilly island of Waya. The dramatic open views along the high coastal ridges is what makes these hikess so special. The island is covered in knee high grass and lacks trees. For those who enjoy panoramic views of dramatic coastlines but not good for hay fever sufferers, this is an amazing hike!

Waya Island
Waya Island, backpacking fiji

Lovoni Trail, Ovalau, Lomaiviti Group

Through thick rainforest to swimming pools and waterfalls, the tropical mountains behind Levuka on Ovalau have some excellent hiking trails. They can be reached from the road by a short hike from the historic town of Levuka is the beauty here. Isolated in the center of the island, and of interest for hikers, is an arduous day hike to remarkable Lovoni Village. Have fun backpacking Fiji!

Ovalau, backpacking fiji

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