Elmo Backpack is for PreSchool, Daycare or Going Out!

The Elmo backpack, is toddler size (12" x 9.5" x 4") for preschool (perfect size for kids between three to five years old), daycare or going out. Fantastic for accessories and toys. It is very comfortable to carry around all day because of the bag's padded straps and back.

  • Toddler backpack is about 12" High x 9.5" Wide x 4" Deep
  • Zippered front pocket for small supplies and accessories
  • Side water bottle mesh pocket
  • Padded soft back panel, Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Tough polyester fabric with PVC backing

Elmo Backpack Details

Elmo Backpack Shipping Weight: three pounds

Elmo Backpack ASIN: B003E2KIG2

Sesame Street

Welcome to the longest street on the globe. Resulting in the creation of a program that changed the face of television forever, in 1968, Sesame Workshop set forth an experiment to use television as an educational tool to help prepare young children for school. On a multitude of platforms and now on a global scale, Sesame Street immediately became a safe haven for children based on a love of learning and mutual respect, and today they continue to do that.

Remaining at the heart of Sesame Workshop's mission today, the enthusiasm that evolved into Sesame Street over 4 decades ago. Sesame Workshop's content for all forms of media is providing learning opportunities for children in India, Egypt, South Africa and Bangladesh, from television to books to online. Where Sesame Street coproductions are making a difference, on their site you can tour the world, visiting each of the countries.

Discover how the Workshop tailors its educational approach locally and experience firsthand the breadth of their work. Get to know their efforts to reach children and their Sesame family members better, from AIDS/HIV education in South Africa, to understanding and respect in Kosovo and Israel, to girls' education in Egypt. Singing local songs with local rhythms and speaking various dialects, they have an ever growing family of creatures of all kinds, birds, grouches and monsters.

Also, there you can learn how Sesame Workshop's efforts go well beyond the television screen and Sesame Street. Making it easier than ever to fit individual needs and lifestyles, media now provides a great variety of choices. Working tirelessly to create content to make learning opportunities, for caregivers and children, readily available, the Workshop is taking advantage of this revolution.

They are reaching families wherever they may be and meeting their needs, on their time, from outreach initiatives that help military families cope with change and deployment, tips for new parents, podcasts for fans and viewers, radio programs in South Africa, or mobile viewings in Bangladesh and India.

The activities and information throughout their site reflect their vision for a better future for our children. To support a love of learning and enjoy time with favorite friends, they hope you find it to be a valuable resource, and a safe environment, for the young at heart and young.

Their work is truly a collaboration of, you, foundations, corporations, producers, actors, puppeteers, child development experts, researchers and writers. Sesame Workshop welcomes you to be part of their mission and values your support to create educational opportunities worldwide, as a nonprofit organization. One of the many ways you can get involved is Sesame Ambassadors.

The experiment that began over forty years ago has not stopped. They continue to challenge themselves to find innovative ways to break down walls and to open doors to make learning prevalent and engaging. By exploring the longest street on the globe, starting there, join in their experiment.

Information from President's Letter,
Gary E. Knell
CEO and President

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