The Prince Tour Team Tennis Backpack Features a Padded Racquet Compartment!

The beautiful and bold Prince Tour Team Tennis Backpack keeps your tennis essentials convenient and secure. Offers a large main compartment for plenty of other gear and a padded racquet compartment able to hold up to two racquets and the light weight backpack is well constructed. There is a padded carry handle at the top of the bag and padded air mesh backpack straps, a shoe/wet compartment at the bottom of the bag, adjustable.

Tennis Backpack

A front accessory pocket offers a key clip, a zippered mesh pocket, pen holders and a cell phone pouch. Handy for sunscreen or keys, at the top of the bag there is also a small zippered pocket. On the side of the bag, a mesh pouch holds your can of balls or water bottle. For easy use, Quick Zip zippers feature one finger zipper pulls. Size: 14" x 18" x 9".

Choosing the right Tennis Bag

Different Bag Sizes

Three pack (Pro bag)

Six pack (Combi bag)

Twelve pack (SuperCombi/Supersix)

Tennis Backpacks

Bags with Thermal Guard *

Having a tennis bag for all of your tennis gear (drinks, snacks, balls, grips, shoes and towels, etc.) can be extremely helpful, as you probably already know. You are sure to find a bag at, whether you're a super champ who has numerous frames or an occasional player with only a couple of frames. A guide to finding the right type of tennis bag for you is below.


Another choice may be a Tennis Backpack. Along with a couple other compartments for your other tennis needs, most backpack manufacturers make a Tennis Backpack that is big enough to hold two racquets, instead of the traditional tennis bag that hangs from one shoulder. Click on the link above to see a nice backpack.

Three Packs

It is likely that you own one or two tennis racquets, if you're maybe just a beginner who is just getting a feel for the game or an occasional tennis player who stops by the neighborhood courts a few times a month. Then perhaps a three pack or triple (pro) bag would be sufficient enough for you, if that is the case. You have one compartment (about three inches wide) for up to two racquets, in a three pack, and strictly just 3 racquets or maybe a few other necessities like a couple of drinks or snacks. Used for wallets, keys, and so forth, you will also most likely find a smaller zipper compartment.

Six Packs

Per chance their strings break there is a step up from the triple, for the bit more serious player who likes to carry a few racquets as backups. Tennis players, will probably find a six pack (Combi bags) to be most convenient, who carry a couple backup tennis racquets. In a six pack you will have one compartment to hold two to three racquets than an adjacent compartment for strictly another three racquets or a few other items, snacks, change of clothes or an extra pair of shoes.

Twelve Packs

The twelve pack (supercombi or supersix bags) will be the way to go, finally, for the most committed players who are more than likely to pop strings on several of their racquets during the course of a couple of weeks and consequently need to carry three plus racquets with them. A twelve pack is the biggest tennis racquet bag manufacturers make, with one compartment (about three to four inches wide) usually big enough to hold three to four tennis racquets and another two compartments just as big for everything else or simply six to eight more tennis racquets. Many twelve packs carry extra perks like separate pockets for your keys, iPod, wallet and backpack straps, making it great for traveling to tournaments, in addition to all the extra space.

* Many tennis bags also come with other features like Thermal Guard Technology and moisture protective sacks, in addition to various sizes. After a hard match, moisture protective sacks are used to keep all of your other gear dry and hold wet bags and clothes. To protect your strings and frame from extreme moisture and weather that can be detrimental to the racquet, Thermal Guard technology uses an insulating lining on the inside of the tennis bag.

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