Special Base Camp Tent Photos of Magic Moments from Hawaiian Vacation!

What is a Base Camp Tent? And why should you have one. These tents are basically set up on mountains that are used by backpackers or hikers during their ascent and descent.

My base camp tent will be at the bottom of the valley.

I started out at the Waipio Valley Lookout.

Waipio Valley Lookout
Waipio Valley Lookout, base camp tent

I parked my rental car and began to hike down the one mile long road. Since I did not have a 4-wheel drive vehicle I wasn't allowed to drive down. A sign at the top of the road said only 4-wheel drive vehicles are allowed on the road.

The Road
The road, base camp tent

This road is very steep and I found out just how valuable my hiking poles were in descending it. On my trip I descended and ascended this road twice! It got easier the second time because I believe I was getting in better physical condition.

There are a small number of residents in this valley. I met "Bill" at the motel in town since he sometimes stays there when he needs to get around people.

Residents in Valley
Residents in Valley, base camp tent

This is a very lush Valley with trees and bushes. I can see vertical cuts in the mountain sides where water cascades down from the rain. This is the end of the dry season so there's not much water runoff.

View From Road
View from road, base camp tent

Another View From Road
Another View From Road, base camp tent

When I got to the bottom of the road I first turned left and went further into the valley. I came upon a house and right behind it was a waterfall. It did not have much water flowing from it since it was so dry.

Can you imagine having a huge waterfall right behind your house? Incredible!

I then hiked towards the Ocean and could see that the water from the waterfall created the river or stream that flows out of the valley.

Upstream from Ocean
Upstream from Ocean, base camp tent

View Up The Mountain
View up the mountain, base camp tent

There are a lot of Wetlands here. Good for the plants and animals, including wild horses.

Wetlands, base camp tent

Finally I come to the Ocean where there are many rocks and dunes. The waves crash onto the black sandy beach.

Ocean, base camp tent

I see the stream entering the ocean is probably the shallowest place I can cross to hike up the other side of the valley.

Stream Entering Ocean
Stream entering Ocean, base camp tent

Here by the ocean and where the stream flows into it, I decide to make my base camp. The rocks are used for chairs and I can put up my base camp tent here.

This is a good spot because it is below both mountains and is the perfect place to rest before ascending either side.

Base Camp Tent Setup Site
base camp tent setup site

The Big Island of Hawaii sure is a place of many surprises... superb backpacking and wild horses!

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