Stone Mountain Park Offers a Wide Variety of Fun Family Activities!

Stone Mountain Park has many things to do in the Atlanta, Georgia region and it is located on 3,200 acres of natural beauty.

When we arrived, we decided to stay just outside the park. You can stay inside the park, but it will cost you more. The next day we drove into the park and started out at The Quarry which exhibits the changes in technology and the process of granite quarrying at Stone Mountain.

Dolores at The Quarry
The Quarry, stone mountain

I can't get over the size of these blocks. This next photo shows a block weighing 33 tons!

33 Ton Block of Granite!
33 Ton Block of Granite!, stone mountain

Driving around the park, we came to this covered bridge. The Covered Bridge and Grist Mill were moved to Stone Mountain Park from Athens, GA and Ellijay, GA respectively in 1965.

Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge, stone mountain

The Grist Mill
The Grist Mill, stone mountain

My wife Dolores and I decide to do the 1.3 mile trek to the top of the mountain. Unless otherwise posted, the trail is open from dawn to dusk daily.

Dolores Walking Up Stone Mountain
Dolores Walking Up Stone Mountain

Just enjoy the spectacular views and unique scenery and follow the painted yellow line. Accessible during operating hours for the Summit Skyride are souvenirs, a snack bar and restrooms and are located in the building on top of the mountain.

Just Follow The Yellow Line
Just Follow The Yellow Line, stone mountain

Enjoy amazing views of the surrounding area, the North Georgia mountains and downtown Atlanta, while on top, 1,683 feet above sea level. You can see sixty miles from the mountain, on a clear day.

Dolores Almost At The Top
Dolores Almost At The Top, stone mountain

Emergency call boxes are located in the parking lot and along the trail. This trail is not wheelchair accessible and is not recommended for people with limiting physical conditions. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. When wet, the mountain is very slippery. You will need to walk the 1.1 miles back to the Confederate Hall parking lot, if you walk to the top of the mountain and ride down on the Summit Skyride.

You will need to walk the 1.1 miles back to the Summit Skyride Area, if you ride to the top of the mountain on the Summit Skyride and walk down the trail to Confederate Hall. We decide to take the Summit Skyride down.

Summit Skyride
Summit Skyride, stone mountain

I then get a good photo of the carving on the mountain. Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, three Confederate heroes of the Civil War the Memorial Carving depicts.

The Memorial Carving
The Memorial Carving, stone mountain

We came to the Sky Hike to trek through the treetops, on our way back to the parking area. Because we were secured to the patented overhead safety system, we did not have to worry about falling. We mastered suspended wooden bridges and explored the quarter of a mile course.

We then stepped from one wooden slat to another. High above the ground, we also balanced on a single rope. For beginners, we started the hike at a 12 feet trail, then went to a 24 feet high trail and then at nearly four stories high (40 feet in the air), the super challenge trail! Closed toe shoes are required for your safety. Adult supervision will be required for children under the age of 16.

The Sky Hike
The Sky Hike, stone mountain

After the Sky Hike we decide to climb the rock wall. This is something I have never done so I wanted to give it a try. We both got to the top but when we tried to climb the more advanced wall, which is more flat and higher, we did not get to the top.

Rock Wall
Rock Wall, stone mountain

Next we go on the Scenic Railroad. With open air cars, it has a full size locomotive from the 1940s that take us on a five mile adventure around the mountain. We look at beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and Stone Mountain. For all ages, train themed music makes the ride fun. From Marketplace Depot in Crossroads, the train can be boarded and deboarded.

Scenic Railroad
Scenic Railroad, stone mountain

The world's longest running lasershow, the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision, is how we finish up the day at night. The Lasershow Spectacular ended our day with a fantastic experience, because it's up to five times the size of an IMAX screen and taller than the Statue of Liberty! It runs every night through August 7.

Lasershow Spectacular
Lasershow Spectacular, stone mountain

Stone Mountain is not my typical backpacking trip but I went there because one of my former coworkers told me how much they love it and they stop in there every time they go by there. My wife and I had a great time even though I prefer to be out in more remote locations with less people. If you're looking for family fun outdoors in a safe environment, then I think you'll love this park!

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