There's a Lot to Do and See at Olympic National Park!

I visited Olympic National Park back in September, 2004 right after seeing Mount St Helens and Mt Rainier National Park.

I remember how tough it was to cross a bridge to get onto the Olympic peninsula because it was close to Seattle and it was rush hour! Once on the Olympic peninsula though I was fine. The next day I headed into the park and saw some deer just before getting there.

Deer, olympic national park

Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park

My trip to the park consisted of three parts: the mountains, the rain forest and then the Pacific Ocean.

The Mountains

Up in the Mountains
Up in the Mountains, olympic national park

While up in the mountains I found some hiking trails but I did not want to hike far since it could start raining again. It had been a very rainy trip up to this point in time and it was very cold!

Hiking Trails
Hiking Trails, olympic national park

There are a lot of nice mountains here but I could see in the distance some fire damage on the far hill.

Nice Mountains!
Nice Mountains!, olympic national park

The clouds made some haze that sometimes looked like smoke and made it hard to take great pictures.

A Little Hazy
A Little Hazy, olympic national park

When I began to drive back down the mountain, I stopped to take a photo looking north to British Columbia, Canada.

Looking North Towards British Columbia
Looking North Towards British Columbia, olympic national park

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent lies about 18 miles west of Port Angeles, nestled in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains. For those in search of natural beauty, the pristine waters of this glacially carved, deep lake make it a perfect destination. The next photo is my first view of this lake.

Lake Crescent
Lake Crescent, olympic national park

Lake Crescent is where my friend Linda and her husband stayed on a vacation. There are little cottages right by the lake with hiking trails that lead into the nearby woods. It was raining when I arrived here so I did not hike the trails.

Lake Crescent Cottages
Lake Crescent Cottages, olympic national park

The Fairholme campground has 87 campsites, one which is wheelchair accessible, on the west end of Lake Crescent.

The Log Cabin Resort or Lake Crescent Lodge may be a better choice, for those who prefer a less primitive stay. Just off Highway 101, Lake Crescent Lodge is located on Lake Crescent Road at Barnes Point. North of Highway 101, the Log Cabin Resort is located on East Beach Road. From late spring until early fall, both are usually open. For official dates, check their websites. Upon reservation, both cottages and rooms are available. I soon decided to head for the rain forest.

Lake Crescent on my way to the Rain Forest
Lake Crescent on my way to the Rain Forest, olympic national park

I came upon a National Forest campground on my way to the rain forest and I decided to stop for lunch. I found a good spot by the river and watched it flow by. It was raining lightly and they were clearing and burning not far from here along the road.

Eating Lunch by the River!
Eating Lunch by the River!, olympic national park

Hoh Rain Forest

I soon entered the Hoh Rain Forest. It was nice and green with lots of moss! The river was pretty cool as well.

Hoh Rain Forest
Hoh Rain Forest, olympic national park

I parked my rental car next to what I believe to be a large Maple tree and tried to take a picture of the tree but it was so tall I could not get it in the frame!

Large Maple Tree
Large Maple Tree, olympic national park

After leaving the rain forest, I drove to the Pacific Ocean. Again it was raining lightly.

Pacific Ocean

Arrived at Pacific Ocean
Arrived at Pacific Ocean, olympic national park

On the beach I found driftwood all over the place. The Pacific is much different from the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of large rocks and very rough.

Driftwood Everywhere!
Driftwood Everywhere!, olympic national park

Some of the large rocks I see look like small islands.

Small Islands
Small Islands, olympic national park

Ninety five percent of Olympic National Park is Wilderness. A part of the National Wilderness Preservation System is the Olympic Wilderness. In the United States of America, it is one of the most wild places you can find. You will find much natural beauty here, if you want to see it!

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