Multnomah Falls, a Waterfall as Memorable and Magnificent as Any in the Country!

I was returning to Portland, Oregon and came upon Multnomah Falls purely by accident after visiting North Cascades National Park back in September 2004.

Along the way, I saw lots of apple orchards along the east side of the mountains. Apparently this must be a great place to grow apples. It's much drier than the west side of the mountains!

I was on 97 south and stopped at a rest stop. The canyon has plants that grow nowhere else in the world but here.

Incredible Bridge!
Incredible Bridge!, multnomah falls

I finally reach the Columbia River Gorge. It runs along the Washington/Oregon border. You will be in awe of this spectacular geological wonder, just taking a drive through the Columbia River Gorge is an experience in itself.

Starting in southeastern British Columbia and northern Idaho, and traveling over twelve hundred miles to the ocean, the Columbia River is the second largest river in North America. Waterfalls have found their home in the Columbia River Gorge, through millenniums of geologic events. Without a visit to the breathtaking waterfalls, a visit to the area is not complete.

Columbia River Gorge
Columbia River Gorge, multnomah falls

I drive old highway 30 along the Columbia River and decide to stop at a roadside park.

Park, multnomah falls

There are several powerplants and dams along the Columbia River Gorge.

Powerplant and Dam
Powerplant and Dam, multnomah falls

As I drive along the river, I see some very old and interesting bridges.

Interesting Steel Bridge
Interesting Steel Bridge, multnomah falls

The next section of the river I drive along is on route 84. I soon come upon a museum. I decided not to go in but they did have some old covered wagons outside that I could look at.

Old Covered Wagon Outside Museum
Old Covered Wagon Outside Museum, multnomah falls

I saw some barges on the river and I then got off route 84 and got on what I believe to be old highway 30. It hugged and wound around the hills high in the air. It was very scary, in some places, the road was very steep and narrow!

Barge, multnomah falls

I came to another dam and powerplant that has a visitor center with five floors and is very nice. Where I can watch Salmon swim by against the current, one floor has picture windows. They are really big fish!

Powerplant and Dam with Visitor Center
Powerplant and Dam with Visitor Center, multnomah falls

Over these man made cascades, outside the Visitor Center, I could see the Salmon jumping up stream!

Salmon Swimming Up Cascades
Salmon Swimming Up Cascades, multnomah falls

I left the powerplant and surprise, I see a sign for Multnomah Falls! I remembered a friend telling me about these falls back in Florida. I came upon it purely by accident and would you believe I only had one picture left! I took a picture of the falls and decided to hike up to the top. Well, these falls are 620 feet high and I did not realize what it would take to get to the top. It is 1.2 miles uphill one way!

I did not have any water on the way up but did not stop. I was determined to get to the top. I even had a little rain. I had come too far to let a little rain keep me from hikng these falls. I did it! If I ever get back this way, I will try to see the other falls in the area. What a great waterfall, Multnomah Falls!

Multnomah Falls!
Multnomah Falls!

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