8 Most Exciting Tourist Destinations in Australia!

Guest Post by Jane Roberts.

Map of Australia

Australia is located between the pacific and the Indian oceans. The country is large and at times considered as the smallest continent. It is expansive with unique features dotting it The sun bathed white sand beaches, the traditional Aborigines lifestyle and the night life awes most of the people who come here. The country too has great travel incentives to the tourists that attract all year round tourism activities. For anyone visiting the country, they should not miss to visit one of the places listed below.

Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock, Australia


Sydney is the capital city of the New South Wales. There is plenty to see and do in this area. It is well known for its great attraction sites like; harbour bridge, the Opera house, Taronga zoo, and the Manly/ Bondi beaches. The city is also an exciting tourist destination because of the various festivals which take place all year long. The South-eastern city is the capital of the New South Wales state of Australia. This scenic centre has a long history and is where the first inhabitants settled in. Cruising and the operas are what make Sydney a city to remember.

Byron Bay

The bay is located in the south of the Queensland border in the New South Wales. There are lots of music festivals which take place there over the year this attracts both the local and the international tourist. The activities to do when in the bay include; surfing, scuba diving, and many other.

Kangaroo Crossing
Kangaroo Crossing, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

The barrier reef is located in Queensland and is highly known by most people. The reef houses wealthy, rare and unique flora and fauna. Fun activities to do in this area include; snorkelling, scuba diving and other activities. One is bound to experience wonders when he or she visits the great reef. The Barrier is the home to underwater exploration and Scuba diving. This is the largest barrier reef that is complex and diverse. It has the largest collusion of marine life including fish species, dolphins and corals. Boat cruising is the major leisure activity here.

Rocky Seashore
Rocky Seashore, Australia

Daintree Rainforest

This is the largest rainforest in Australia. All the species of animals and birds are found in this forest including butterflies, reptiles and native birds. There are many things to do while in the forest which include; visiting the several animal sanctuaries, mangrove adventure tours, hiking, crocodile boat tours and many more.

Fraser Island

This is described as the best sand island in the world. The island has lots of great features to offers and this makes lots of people to visit it In the island one has access to fresh water lakes, the rare flora and fauna, the dingo, rainforest, scuba diving, beautiful beaches, wrecks for snorkelling and much more.

Kakadu National Park

This is a natural wonder which hold a wide heritage area listing. It has rare, gorgeous and endangered animals and plants. One can also see the salt water crocodile, and many other natural attractions.

The Australian Koala
The Australian Koala, Australia


It is the cultural centre of the Australians from the ancient times. It boasts of several centres for the arts including filming, television production and fine art that are located in several places of the city. A large natural museum at Carlton District and the natural Port of Philip attracts many yearly.


Perth is the capital of the Western State of Australia bordering the South-western coastline of Australia. The attraction of the city lies in its waters. The white sandy beaches covered with black pebbles and the snake winding river Swan attracts several tourists here on the yearly basis. High profile artists visit the marinas in the place. It also boasts of the largest city park in the world. For you to enjoy the visit of the above places, apply for an Australian Visa today.

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