West Coast Trail Backpacking is the Best Hike on the Globe!

West Coast Trail Backpacking is a challenging coastal hike. The Graveyard of the Pacific is rich in natural rugged beauty, wildlife, and history, and is considered one of the world's top hikes. Begin hiking, and you will quickly come to understand why hikers travel from all over the globe to experience the West Coast Trail.

West Coast Trail Backpacking!
West Coast Trail Backpacking

West Coast Trail Backpacking presents waterfalls, giant trees, rugged cliffs, rain forest, caves, sandy beaches, eagles, blowholes, bogs, lighthouses, abandoned settlements, shipwreck relics, native culture, whales, and sea lions. It is wise to go slow, in travel backpacking, to adjust to the trail and to see this terrific coastal environment.

Sandy Beaches
Sandy Beaches, West Coast Trail Backpacking

In pristine Canadian wilderness, it's an almost perfect travel backpacking experience! Go to the west coast of Vancouver Island, and get ready for an unbelievable experience backpacking Canada.

West Coast Of Vancouver Island
West Coast Of Vancouver Island, West Coast Trail Backpacking

The West Coast Trail is a classic coastal backpacking trip. The seventy five km Canada backpacking hike was created as a lifeline for stranded mariners. Checking out the tide pools and walking the beaches can create lifetime memories, but sighting the whales and other wildlife living here is incredible! Add in the geography and history and you've got an unforgettable 9 day hiking adventure that you will never forget. The West Coast Trail has wonderful surprises, from the 2 Canadian Coast Guard lighthouses right off the trail, to the burger stand in the middle of the trail, you will be filled with incredible experiences.

Sighting The Whales!
Sighting The Whales, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Climb ladders, haul yourself up rocky cliffs on pull ropes, scramble slippery ocean boulders, walk drift logs, wade mud bogs, race the tide crossing a sandstone shelf, skirt dangerous surge channels, ride cable cars, and photograph shipwrecks.

Climb Ladders!
Climb Ladders, West Coast Trail Backpacking

You'll be amazed by the scenery. Creeks and cliffs, coves, bays, and beaches. Waterfalls and storm formed caves. See terrific tidal pools.

Storm Formed Caves
Storm Formed Caves, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Be mesmerized by the sun streaming through the misty forest. Hemlock, Douglas fir, Cedar and Sitka Spruce.

Take photos of the beautiful Pacific sunsets, coastline, sea stacks and wildlife. Hear whales and smell sea lions!

Beautiful Pacific Sunsets
Beautiful Pacific Sunsets, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Meet hikers from all over the globe in back country campsites.

Back Country Campsite
Back Country Campsite, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Get excited to wade rivers and cross gorges. Swim under waterfalls.

Cross Gorges - Logan Creek Suspension Bridge
Cross Gorges - Logan Creek Suspension Bridge, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Compare the serene quiet of old growth forest with thundering surf.

Thundering Surf!
Thundering Surf, West Coast Trail Backpacking

You can access coastal wilderness quickly and easily from Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria, British Columbia, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Check it out for yourself!

Bring a cell phone with you on your backpack. A number of hikers have died on the West Coast Trail. Structures are many times damaged: they may be under repair or closed. Be responsible for your own safety and health.

More inexperienced hikers decide to hike the West Coast Trail each year. Check ahead of time because a quota system limits the number of people who can get on the trail each day.

Access is easy from Victoria or Vancouver and the West Coast Trail is in a well protected National Park. It's very hard, but most who start the hike, finish. Log and Boulder walking between Thrasher and Owen Point.

Hiking Trail To Owen Point
Hiking Trail To Owen Point, West Coast Trail Backpacking

Check out:

  • Sandstone Creek
  • Tsusiat Falls
  • Hiking in old growth forest
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Whales, mink, sea lions. Perhaps cougar and bear, or even wolves!

You may find other historical artifacts and ship wrecks. Ladders and cable cars are fun. Excellent West Coast Trail Backpacking guidebooks are available, along with campfires and no biting insects. Try one of the three great boat trips connecting the Bamfield trail head.

Boat Trips
Boat Trips, West Coast Trail Backpacking

West Coast Trail Backpacking Information

There are trail heads near the towns of Gordon River (Port Renfrew) and Pachena Bay (Bamfield). Campsites are first come, first served. Decide where you want to make camp. Spend one week or more on the trail for the best experience. Take the time to enjoy this beautiful trail.

Port Renfrew
Port Renfrew, West Coast Trail Backpacking

You can choose between a coastal trail or an inland path. The coast is usually better. You may need to study a tide chart to plan your best routes, hitting specific areas at low tide.

"Canada's national parks have thousands of hiking and backpacking routes, but the creme de la hiking creme is the West Coast Trail." Explore Magazine - June 2007

Do some West Coast Trail Backpacking and have lots of great fun!

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