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Backpacking 101, Tips I Learned Along the Way!

Backpacking 101: Get a solid daypack, a decent sized backpack, and make sure they fit snug. More than you originally planned, you might find yourself walking much further.

Backpacking 101
Backpacking 101

Of what you first pack, only take half. You will be wearing the same swimming bikini/trunks in warm climates. Three pairs of shoes: one pair of flip flops, which you will wear most when not hiking. One pair performance/sneaker sandals and one pair rugged, hiking shoes. Recommendations: Croc flops, Keen shoes. Always bring a pair of jeans, and one collared shirt for men/smart dress, just in case. Have clothes for a day in which anything can happen, mountains, jungle, snow, or the beach.

Mountains, Backpacking 101

Head to a hostel, for affordable, easy and social accommodation. Make sure ratings for your choice and user reviews are glowing online. From Trip Advisor, you will bless the feedback.

Head To A Hostel
Head To A Hostel, Backpacking 101

Hostels, friendly, central, safe and clean, usually introduce you to the very people who make any journey worthwhile. Make sure your hotel is easy to get to or central, alternatively. Only to spend money on buses or taxis, no use saving a few dollars on accommodation.

People Who Make Any Journey Worthwhile!
People Who Make Any Journey Worthwhile, Backpacking 101

Trust your gut, when it comes to food. It's because it probably is dicey, if something looks like it. Because it's simply not worth getting sick to see if you have an iron gut, while you'll get into discussions about drinking local water I don't advise it. Use common sense when eating street food, wash veggies and fruit. Have a budget for at least one decent restaurant a week, and try the local cuisine, but save money by cooking at equipped hostel kitchens and buying groceries. Just in case you're not getting the nutrition your body deserves, you may wish to carry multivitamins.

Hostel Kitchen
Hostel Kitchen, Backpacking 101

As media and our imaginations believe it to be, our world is not nearly as dangerous. People will generally help you, in my experience. Straying from the herd, there are villains out there who prey on innocent backpackers, however. Use your common sense. Including scans of your contacts, photos, itineraries, and passport, back up your vital information online, and leave expensive jewelry at home. Don't accept open cocktails from people you don't know, get travel insurance.

Passport, Backpacking 101

Demand to be taken to the police station, if a cop is trying to scam you. In places like train and bus stations, be especially vigilant. Make sure your taxi has the meter running and is official. Don't carry all your cards and money in one place, leave your things unattended, or flash your wealth. You won't have to worry about much at all, if you use your common sense. Anything can happen to anyone!

Train Station
Train Station, Backpacking 101

A diary, camera, some backpackers travel with the Backpacking 101 basics. Others travel with a range of tech gadgets. When travelling with my laptop, I've never had any issues. A tablet PC has guides, maps and helpful travel apps, and is a fun entertainment device, alternatively. Which most hostels have, all you need is a wireless connection, to keep in touch with friends via Skype. From fellow travellers, have something, physical or electronic, to take tips, thoughts, numbers, and notes. A sense of humour, an open heart, and an open mind, are the most important backpacking 101 characteristics of all!

Travelling With Laptop
Travelling With Laptop, Backpacking 101

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