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Working From Home - How I Ended Up on the Internet!

Joe, About Me

How I began working from home. My name is Joe. My real first name is Joseph, but I always preferred Joe. (And not Joey, I always felt like a little kid when my aunt would call me by that name!)

I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. A beautiful and wilder part of South Florida, and I work from home for a living. Yes, my Web site is my business.

Many people envy me. They tell me they'd love to be working from home, that they dream about quitting their job, but lack the money.

A common problem, and one that I have faced many times myself. But I solved the problem, and so can you. How? Read on...

Working From Home, A Setback or a Blessing?

My biggest passions are traveling and hiking. Also, I love Freedom, adventure, and new experiences.

I always wanted to leave my job and to be working from home. I had done this once before when I was a stock trader. I started with nothing and in a short time, had amassed a $300,000 trading account!

But in the year 2000, the stock market took me down! This led to a divorce from my first wife, who said "the money had nothing to do with it". (Yeah, right)

It took me about three years to get over this. My father had passed away in 2002. You know the saying, "when it rains, it pours!"

Well, I wound up going back to work as a single man and since I lived in Florida (a right-to-work state) the only jobs I could find were not very good.

I eventually wound up at the gas company in West Palm Beach because I figured it was a stable job. The thing I didn't plan on was the CEO retiring and merging the company with one from Maryland.

Well what happened next was not really unexpected. When companies merge, they usually save money by letting people go. What was unexpected was the way that they let me go.

It was on a Friday (Oct. 15, 2010 to be exact). I was just returning from my 15 minute break when a coworker told me the manager of all of South Florida for my company was looking for me. Well, I have to tell you, he never looks for me. So I found him and he led me to the Board room.

I saw the Human Resources lady already sitting at the table (I thought to myself, this can't be good) and we joined her.

The manager turned to me and said "we are eliminating your position." My company was doing well, making money, and the stock price was around the 52 week high, but I figured they wanted to make even more money.


I took a deep breath, looked at things objectively and reached a conclusion myself: I'm done with Corporations!

It turned out that getting let go was...

...The Best Thing that ever Happened to Me!

The solution is simple, make a living doing what you love! You can. I'll show you how I'm doing it working from home.

My passions are traveling and hiking as I said earlier, but you can do what I'm doing with any passion, hobby, skill, area of expertise. Whatever it is that makes you happy. And you can do it in your spare time!

For about ten years I have been dreaming about working from home and having a business on the Internet. I had bought a computer for my stock trading thinking I would get back into it but the computer was just collecting dust. I researched the internet, and somehow, I don't even remember how, I stumbled across SBI.

SBI stands for Site Build It! and helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into an online business. You probably don't even realize that nearly any topic can make money with a website.

Build a website? Yes! This Web site was built with SBI, so you see, anyone can do it.

Never be Afraid to try Something New; "The Beginning is the Most Important Part of the Work." Plato

To begin working from home, you need no programming skills or Web design knowledge, no business and no product to sell. Just bring your brain, attitude and motivation (BAM). SBI has the tools you need, and they take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to use it all.

They help you find the perfect concept for your site, to build it, to get traffic, and then they even teach you how to make money with it!

Have a look at the Video Tour to get an idea of how it works (or the Quick Tour if you're on dial up).

And have a look at this: hundreds of successful SBI websites, built by regular people like you and me. All these sites are in the top 0.5% of the most successful sites on the Internet.

You can also see that there is a great variety of topics that people have turned into profitable websites with SBI.

I started the very website you are on right now in December 2010 working from home full time. And in early 2011 it started to make money. And all the time I'm just writing about something I love and I am genuinely helping people. How much better can it get?

(Actually, it can. Because I have this website all my hiking research trips are tax deductible.)

Yes, in the beginning this is a lot of work. But keep in mind that doing something you love never feels like work. And you can do it in your spare time or full time. You set the pace.

It's totally risk free. SBI has a full money back guarantee. They're happy for you to try it out to see how you like it.

How do I make money? At the moment mostly with affiliate marketing, an eBook, and advertising. You probably have seen links throughout Web sites that say "Ads by Google". Every time someone is interested and clicks on one, the Web site owner makes money.

There are countless other ways to make money with a website: create your own e goods to sell, sell other people's products for a commission, get paid for leads and referrals and more. SBI shows you how!

You can get more ideas from what other SBIers are doing. Just have a look at the case studies.

People wish they could be working from home: escape the day job drudgery, travel the world, do what they have always been dreaming of.

Well, you can if you want it, so what are you waiting for?

"The Best Way to Predict your Future is to Create It."
Abraham Lincoln

You only have one life. Make the most of it.

Try SBI - because if I can succeed at working from home, you can too!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain


If you are an experienced web builder or you just want to do this with as little money as posible, then Host your Web site with iPage! It's the best value on the Internet.

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