Rocky Mountain Best Hiking Trails!

Rocky Mountain hiking trails can be pretty spectacular! One of the ways to discover the best hiking trails is by asking other local backpackers or park rangers. Who knows hiking trails better than these people? They live locally or they work everyday at the park. I have found some of my best hiking trails this way.

Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain, best hiking trails

Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place for hikers and backpackers. Providing access to remote areas of the park are over 355 miles of trails. Some trails are heavily used, large numbers of people visit the park in the summer. Ask a ranger to suggest lightly used trails that are must do!

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park, best hiking trails

The park features self guided trails. At a visitor center or at the trail head, pick up a folder describing features along these trails.

Best Hiking Trails

Bear Lake Nature: 9,475 feet elevation, Excellent interpretive nature trail, 0.6 mile loop.

Tundra World: 11,600 to 12,210 feet elevation, Trails lead from the Rock Cut overlooks and Forest canyon, very short.

Never Summer Ranch: 9,000 feet elevation, Story of early 20th century homesteading, 1.0 mile one way.

Lulu City: 9,300 feet elevation, A once booming mining town, 7.2 miles one way.

Lulu City Trail
Lulu City Trail, best hiking trails

Moraine Park Nature: 8,000 feet elevation, This easy trail helps you identify local plants and animals, 0.25 miles one way.

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Waterfall Trails

Adams Falls: Pleasant scenery and beautiful, easy stream., 0.3 miles one way, East Inlet trail head.

Alberta Falls: Spectacular, easy waterfall that ranks as one of the park's more popular hiking destinations., 0.6 miles one way, Glacier Gorge Junction trail head.

Alberta Falls
Alberta Falls, best hiking trails

Ouzel Falls: Watching the falls' namesake, the dipper or ouzel, plunge into the rushing stream, entertains hikers at this popular spot., 2.7 miles one way, moderate, Wild Basin trail head.

Cascade Falls: Hike through wooded country ends with a scenic respite beside this tumbling waterfall., 3.5 miles one way, moderate, North Inlet trail head.

Timberline Falls: Scenic Loch Vale is enjoyed on your way to these delicately beautiful falls., 4.0 miles one way, strenuous, Glacier Gorge Junction trail head.

Lake Trails

Cub Lake: A park favorite., 2.3 miles one way, moderate, Cub Lake trail head.

Cub Lake Trail
Cub Lake Trail, best hiking trails

Mills Lake: The views of the Keyboard of the Winds and Longs Peak is one of the best., 2.3 miles one way, moderate, Cub Lake trail head.

Lone Pine Lake: Stream side hiking past wonderful scenery and Adams Falls., 5.5 miles one way, strenuous, East Inlet trail head.

Bluebird Lake: This long hike stops at Ouzel Lake and Ouzel Falls, 6.0 miles one way, strenuous, Wild Basin trail head.

Summit Trails

Sun dance Mountain: This high altitude hike begins on Trail Ridge Road between Rock Cut and Forest Canyon Overlook, summit elevation 12,466 feet., 0.5 miles one way, moderate, Trail Ridge Road trail head.

Deer Mountain: A picnic on top and pleasant hiking, fine views, summit elevation 10,013 feet., 3.0 miles one way, moderate, Deer Ridge Junction trail head.

Twin Sisters Peak: These two peaks feature outstanding vistas sweeping in all directions, elevation at summit 11,428 feet., 3.7 miles one way, moderate, Twin Sisters trail head.

Flattop Mountain: Access to many other great peaks and panoramic views, summit elevation 12,324 feet., 4.4 miles one way, strenuous, Bear Lake trail head.

Mount Richthofen: This peak is one of the prominent summits in the remote, beautiful Never Summer Mountains, summit elevation 12,940 feet., 7.2 miles one way, very strenuous, Colorado River trail head.

Mount Richthofen
Mount Richthofen, best hiking trails

Fantastic, a good list of best hiking trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. Remember, stay on the trail and have fun! See you on the trail!

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