Sunshine Village to Mt. Assiniboine is One of the Best Hikes in the World!

The best accessible hike in the Canadian Rockies, is Sunshine Village to Mt. Assiniboine.

Mt. Assiniboine
Mt. Assiniboine, sunshine village

Alpine meadows, glistening glaciers, shimmering lakes, and Dramatic peaks.

Called the Matterhorn of the Rockies, is Mt. Assiniboine, at 3,618m. It is only one highlight of many and is a World Heritage site. The towering pyramid is the prettiest and is the dominant mountain in the southern Canadian Rockies.

Unspoiled, is Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. You can't access by road. The recommended routes start with either a helicopter ride directly to Mt. Assiniboine Lodge or a bus ride up to the highest ski resort in Canada, Sunshine Village, but there are many ways to hike this area.

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, sunshine village

In two or three days, you could do this hike. To have time to take in all the recommended sidetrips, I suggest you take six days and five nights or more.

What to Do Here

Garden Path, Rock Isle, loop 5.7km (3.5mi) sidetrip. A meadow walk to view Marvel Lake, Wonder Pass. Sunshine Meadows, and Citadel Pass. Nub, Sunburst Valley loop sidetrip 6.7km (4.2mi). Windy Ridge, Og Pass sidetrip 8.7km (5.4mi). And Assiniboine Lodge, of course.

Marvel Lake
Marvel Lake, sunshine village

Magog, Gog and Og are Biblical giants. Marvel Lake. Wonder Pass. Well named are the landmarks here.

Wonder Pass
Wonder Pass, sunshine village

Important Things to Know

Mt. Assiniboine access is only by helicopter or on foot. Bus in, and hike out: 56km (34.8mi) or Heli-hike and bus: 30km (18.6mi). If you have the time, there are many superb recommended sidetrips which allow you to extend this hike. Depending on the route taken, it takes three to six days.

On well marked trails, moderate difficulty hiking. Much above the treeline, there are open vistas, that are very popular. You need a Wilderness Pass. Porcupine and Magog British Columbia campsites are first come, first served. Howard Douglas campsite must be reserved. The best hiking months are July to mid September!

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