The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado's Breathtaking Natural Wonder!

Hikers at the Royal Gorge Bridge find the human achievement of the Golden Gate Bridge and scenic beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
Royal Gorge Bridge, Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge

You will find an unforgettable 0.25 mile journey through the clouds, when driving or walking across the Royal Gorge Bridge, America's highest suspension bridge. Scenic beauty and human achievement that must be experienced!

Walking On Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
Royal Gorge Bridge, Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge

The Arkansas Valley is amazing! My only regret is not getting here sooner. I was delayed due to a tragic motorcycle accident on the highway. I could have turned around and driven an alternative route but the distance is huge due to the mountains and size of the canyon.

Arkansas Valley
Arkansas Valley, Royal Gorge Bridge

Looking down on the Arkansas river, there are long shadows now because it is late afternoon. I can see the railroad tracks below and can hear the river flowing!

Arkansas River From Bridge
Arkansas River from bridge, Royal Gorge Bridge

Looking in the opposite direction, I can see the vast size of the Royal Gorge! It is very easy to see why this is the highest suspension bridge in America.

Arkansas River From Above
Arkansas River from above, Royal Gorge Bridge

I tried to get on the Royal Gorge Tram but it was out over the river, so I took the Incline Railway down to the river instead.

Incline Railway
Incline Railway, Royal Gorge Bridge

I would later try to ride the Tram, but the Tram operator decided it was too close to closing time and would not take anyone else out. It did not help that the day was Friday and I thought the employees wanted to get an early start to their weekend. I was so disappointed! I drove all this way and did not get to ride the Tram.

Royal Gorge Tram
Royal Gorge Tram, Royal Gorge Bridge

Looking up at the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge from the Arkansas river, I couldn't get the entire bridge in the photo. It is approximately 1/4 mile long.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge from Arkansas River
Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge from Arkansas River, Royal Gorge Bridge

Down here by the Arkansas river, you can really hear the water running over the rocks and feel the power!

Arkansas River
Arkansas River, Royal Gorge Bridge

The Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge is often referred to. While the top measures a few hundred feet, the width at the canyon bottom is 40 to 50 feet.

This park does not have extremely long hiking and backpacking trails and is only 360 acres in size. It more than makes up for in great views and sheer size, what it lacks in length! I think it is a great place to see and should not be missed!

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