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Bestbuy has the Best High Quality Cameras, Camcorders and GPS Devices!

Some stores sell low quality gear. Bestbuy has a good selection of good quality cameras, camcorders, GPS devices and accessories.


When I went to the Big Island of Hawaii, I wanted to be sure to have a good quality digital camera. I purchased a Canon 10 Mega pixel camera with an extra battery and two 2 Gigabyte memory cards. The camera came with a 32 Megabyte memory card. I did not want to be on a long hike and have my battery go dead or run out of memory. I once came across some bears in California, with my old camera, and did not get pictures because I ran out of film!

I had wanted to buy an HD Video Camcorder but at that time they were new and very expensive.

Besides, I had never owned a video camera and I would've had to learn how to use it in a very short time. I was satisfied with buying a digital camera since I was going from analog to digital. The digital cameras have superior resolution to the older analog cameras.

Next time I purchase a camera, it will be an HD Camcorder since the prices are lower now and the quality of the video is excellent. Although, don't feel that you have to have an HD Camcorder. Any digital camera or camcorder will work just fine. I will add though that the higher the Mega pixels or resolution, the better (720p is considered HD quality).

Also a good way to carry your camera gear is with camera backpacks. They help to protect your valuable camera gear!

Handheld GPS from Bestbuy

How can a hand held GPS device from Bestbuy help me while backpacking?

A hand held GPS keeps you on the trail, and then helps you get back home safely. It also has other features like altitude and barometric pressure, compass, calendar, sun and moon info and tide charts.

Will the GPS from Bestbuy help me with trails anywhere?

Trail maps can be an additional cost. Hand held devices usually come loaded with maps that display bodies of water, large cities, railways, and airports.

You can download updates into your GPS with trail maps, ex. National Parks. When you purchase a GPS at Bestbuy, make sure you have enough storage for the maps you'll want to add.

Does a GPS need a lot of memory?

Yes, for topographical maps. Units usually come loaded with base maps, more advanced devices sometimes contain topographical maps. If it has a hard drive, it can download maps from the Internet. Pricier units have memory card slots available for unlimited space for maps. Bestbuy suggests you decide what maps you may need prior to purchasing a GPS.

Can a hand held GPS get reception anywhere you may hike?

Yes, usually. GPS gets information from 3 or more satellites, so if your GPS isn't able to locate at least 3 satellites, it will not function properly. So, if you anticipate these kind of problems, get a GPS with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) or other units with similar technology.

What is a safety GPS?

Some devices provide a way to check in with friends, family or for help. This is for people traveling in remote areas where cell phones will not work. You'll find the right GPS at Bestbuy!

More Great Bestbuy Products

Since most camera backpacks with an all weather feature are expensive, the Lowepro Camera Backpack is great for the price.

A backpack bag for camera by other camera bag makers are sometimes not very spacious. If you're looking for a spacious bag, here is one of the best.

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If you're interested in backpacking light for a whole day or more, here is the Best Backpacking Lite list to help you get through without wearing yourself out!

Whenever I get out my backpacking gear, it's my dog, Bindi or Oreo, who is the most excited about the trip. They love it when I go backpacking with the dog. But it's important for any dog owner who is planning on heading out into the wilderness with a furry companion to keep him or her safe.

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