How to Choose the Best Lanterns!

Some of the benefits we receive from the best lanterns:

  • Strong light intensity
  • No exhaust
  • Quiet
  • Safe around kids (no heat)

Electric Lights

I recommend Electric for the reasons above. If you don't have children, or are very careful, Candle camp lights or Fuel Burning may be a good choice.

Of the 3 types of battery powered lights:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

I like LED best because it can handle rugged use, has good light output, and long battery life.

Fluorescent lights require cautious disposal procedures.

Incandescent are more fragile than an LED lamp and have modest battery life.

Fuel burning camp lighting have stronger light intensity than most electric models.

Downside of fuel burning lights:

  • They generate heat (keep away from children or flammable materials).
  • Ample ventilation is needed.
  • Noisy

Fuel burning lights are of 3 types:

  • Butane: Disposable canisters, compact, easy to use and strong light intensity.
  • Propane: Refillable tanks, fuel efficient and strong light intensity.
  • Liquid fuel: Refillable tanks, fuel efficient and strong light intensity.

Benefits of Candle camp lighting are Soft light and no noise (a pleasant ambiance) and good for close up tasks.

Candle camp lights use one or more candles to provide natural, soft light.

Downside of Candle lights:

  • They generate heat and can be hot to touch (keep away from children).
  • You must keep candle camp lighting a safe distance from flammable materials.
  • Minimal light output.

The last thing is to keep your camp lights as light weight as possible. This is especially true the farther you go.

Now with the right camp lighting, your trip should be much more safe and fun.

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