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Here are some of the best Backpacking Websites I have found for great backpacking gear and locations!

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Backpack and Gear
One person's Backpack experiences in heavenly places and the gear used. How will you benefit? By having better health, an uplifted spirit and lots of great fun! I had to begin with my own Web site. It is an unbiased look at the Best Backpacking Gear used and Destinations on the globe. I want to help the backpacker/hiker find the best destinations to backpack/hike with the best gear. Period!

Best Destinations!
Best Destinations, backpacking websites

Backpacker Magazine
Their Mission - They enable and inspire people to enjoy the outdoors by providing the most engaging and trusted information about backcountry adventure in North America.

Backcountry Adventure In North America
Backcountry Adventure In North America, backpacking websites

Backpacking Light
People who like to travel with a light backpack through the wilderness and beyond, Backpacking Light is the world's most passionate membership based community.

Clear Creek, Wind River Range, Wyoming
Clear Creek, Wind River Range, Wyoming, backpacking websites
With the goal of becoming the premiere destination for online shoes, was founded in 1999. They have become much more than just an online shoe store, since then. They have expanded their online offerings to include clothing, backpacks and so much more, due to their unwavering focus on superior customer service! Compare them to other online handbag and online clothing stores, as well as online shoe stores, if you're looking for handbags, clothing and shoes online. You will find the best selection in online shopping and the absolute best service at!, backpacking websites

DAKINE builds accessories, gloves, bags and packs for kite, windsurf, mountain bike, ski, skate, snowboard and surf. You can get Dakine at Just do a search for "Dakine".

DAKINE, backpacking websites

There are more good backpacking Websites out there. Continue to explore them and enjoy all that Backpacking Websites offer.

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