Backpacking Across the World Can be a Breathtaking Experience!

Have you ever wanted to just escape the rat race and go backpacking across the world? If you have the money, and the time, it can be a breathtaking experience!


Start dreaming of the destinations you would like to see on your trip.

Including Casablanca, Cape Town in South Africa, Mayan ruins in Guatemala, The mountains of Nepal, Athens in Greece, Bombay in India, Prague in the Czech Republic, Amsterdam in Holland, Northern Thailand's villages and Australia's Gold Coast are some favorite destinations for backpackers.

Casablanca, Backpacking Across The World

Also, there is much great backpacking to be found inside the United States.

Backpacking Across the World

Some people decide to begin backpacking across the world spontaneously. These are the ones, without a passport, that wind up stuck at the airport. Start preparing at least two months in advance, to have a more hassle free and enjoyable trip.

A sturdy, good camping backpack that is comfortable to carry, is the first thing you'll need. After stuffing the backpack full of everything you plan to bring with you, you'll want to go on several practice hikes before you leave for your trip. That way you can be sure that it's comfortable to carry. You will have to leave some less important items out or you will end up with a sore back and neck, if it's too heavy.

Good Backpack
Good Backpack, Backpacking Across The World

In most cases you will be able to stash your frame backpack in a locker at the train station when you're not on the road, since you may also want to bring a smaller daypack for around town.

Frame Backpack
Frame Backpack, Backpacking Across The World

What to Bring

Here are some of the items you will need to have with you: For countries you plan to visit, required visas and valid passport. Thermal top for colder climates, jacket or fleece, one dressier shirt, and two t shirts. One pair of flannel pants to sleep in, two pairs of cotton pants. Three to five pairs of underwear and socks. Sandals or flip flops for day touring and good sturdy trail shoes for hiking.

Good Sturdy Trail Shoes
Good Sturdy Trail Shoes, Backpacking Across The World

Compact backpacking tent, rain gear. Packed in resealable plastic bags, grooming supplies and prescription medications. Aluminum water bottles, one or more. Knife, spoon, fork and plate, first aid kit. Sleep sheet or bedroll. At least SPF 30 Sunscreen. Contact lenses or glasses. Phone cards, credit cards, digital or video camera and insect repellent.

Backpacking Tent
Backpacking Tent, Backpacking Across The World

Sleeveless tops or tank tops and a skirt or shorts, a towel and swimsuit, a head covering to wear when entering religious buildings, are items you may want to include. Just remember that what is acceptable in the United States, may not be acceptable in other countries. This is especially true in the Middle East and Asia.

The Middle East
The Middle East, Backpacking Across The World

Backpacking Across the World Guidebooks

One should remember to bring maps and guidebooks. Also, a good idea, is to have a compass, or a watch that has one. Published by Lonely Planet, the travel guide books seem to cover most of the world. Make sure to get the latest version!

Lonely Planet Travel Guide Books
Lonely Planet Travel Guide Books, Backpacking Across The World

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