View Satellite Imagery, 3D Buildings, Terrain, and Maps!

To view satellite imagery, Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth, from the canyons of the ocean to galaxies in outer space!

Galaxies, satellite imagery

Find local businesses, places and cities. Explore terrain, imagery, and 3D buildings. YOU can take a virtual journey to any location on the globe.

Local Businesses
Local Businesses, satellite imagery

New in Google Earth 6.2! Enhanced search and sharing with Google+. On sites across the web, try Earth view in Google Maps or use the Google Earth plug-in to enjoy 3D views of the world.

Earth View in Google Maps
Earth View in Google Maps, satellite imagery


On the go or at home, explore the globe from the palm of your hand. Available for Android and iOS devices. Let the tour guide show you the way or take flight over new 3D imagery of entire metropolitan areas. Available from the Google Play store is Google Earth for Android devices and from the App Store on iTunes is Google Earth for iOS devices.

Android Devices - Nexus
Android Devices - Nexus, satellite imagery

To download Google Earth on your mobile device, go to using your phone or tablet pc's browser.

Tablet PC - Samsung
Tablet PC - Samsung, satellite imagery

3D Buildings

With the 3D Buildings layer, explore structures, buildings and cities, and create your own 3D models. Anyone can view 3D models of homes, museums, towers, bridges, fountains, monuments, buildings and much more, with the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth. Click on a 3D building to open a balloon with more information on the location, while you're in Google Earth.

3D Buildings
3D Buildings, satellite imagery

The 3D models you see in Google Earth are created by people all over the globe. It's easy and fun to do - anyone can add models to Google Earth. Try out their free 3D modeling tools: Google SketchUp and Google Building Maker.

Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp, satellite imagery

Remember, you can use your Android phone to view Google Earth satellite imagery or your iPhone. Have fun and stay on the trail.

Google Earth Satellite Image
Google Earth Satellite Imagery

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