The Best Android Phone!

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the newest version of this great phone! Enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great phone also!

Samsung Galaxy S5

Powered with innovation, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is like no other mobile device before it. Watch HD movies and games roar to life. Or track your life right down to your heartbeat. Make split-second moments yours. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is technology that truly impacts your life. Simply inspired. Innovative. Stunning.

Android Phone
Android Phone

To find the best Android phone, I look at performance, Operating System upgrade ability, and what cool features the phone has for you!

Samsung Galaxy S3

My first choice is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It pretty much lives up to the hype.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3, Android Phone

It comes with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display and Samsung's quad-core processor. It offers microSD card support and a removable battery along with a large capacity power cell. These features are better than HTC's high-end models.

The Samsung S3 comes with software features that most phones don't offer. It is slim and lightweight with its S Voice virtual assistant. It comes with Android 4.0 and all the tools you'll need.

Samsung has claimed nearly 10 million pre-orders before it was even launched. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is carried by every major telecom company and was launched with a lower price than any iPhone.

So, is this the best phone for YOUR money? According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is "inspired by nature - it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments". It feels very lightweight at 133g and is similar to the feeling we had with the Galaxy S2, which sold like crazy!

Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2, Android Phone

The phone has a solid Gorilla Glass 2 front, and it's polycarbonate rather than plastic. Some people may find the feel 'somewhat like plastic and cheap'. Be reassured, this is not a cheap phone.

The HTC One X is 3g lighter than the S3, but the S3 still feels lighter, due to the design and texture of the phone. The Pebble Blue option is the more attractive of the two. The Marble White looks like a lower priced phone.

Pebble Blue
Pebble Blue, Android Phone

The S3 has curved edges and the home button has been elongated, although the same menu and back buttons remain as the original Galaxy S. With its rounded edges and HD screen, but with a more minimal bezel, it is more like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus than other phones.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android Phone

Samsung put the lock button on the right-hand side rather than the top since the large screen makes it difficult to have a lot of buttons. The home button, and its "Back" and "Menu" buttons are great as it means contextual menus can be found easily.

The volume button is parallel to the lock key on the left-hand side of the phone within easy reach of your hand. Easy to charge with the microUSB slot at the bottom of the phone. The battery cover is removable and is made of the same polycarbonate material as the rest of the phone.

There's a microSD slot next to the microSIM port which gives you expandable memory. You'll be able to have 128GB-capacity if you combine the internal memory of 64GB with the largest microSD card around today at 64GB!

More space is an excellent idea when you consider HD movie downloads are becoming far more prevalent.

The galaxy S3 feels great in your hand and the large screen is amazing once you get used to it. So, if you like big HD screens and a lighter feeling phone, you have to check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone!

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