Google Changes Android Marketplace to Google Play!

Android Marketplace becomes Google Play, a site for all of Google’s applications and software. Backpackers and hikers need robust applications for all our devices. We travel a lot and need to stay in touch, use GPS, and get maps of the places we visit and see.

Google Play
Google Play, Android Marketplace

The storefront for Android apps, the Android Market, includes Google’s movie streaming service, Google Books, and Google Music. It will now all be housed together under a single Web destination - Google Play.

The Old Android Market
The Old Android Market

Google users who buy songs and movies on the Web will also have access to them on their Android devices, and Android users who purchase books or songs on their devices will also be able to get to them through the Web site.

Android Logo
Android Logo, Android Marketplace

Also, based on their past browsing history and purchases, Google Play will make recommendations for songs, books and applications that its users might like to buy and download.

This change helps Android offer a much more streamlined experience across the company’s diverse product line of smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S7
Smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S7, Android Marketplace

According to Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s director of digital content for Android, Google is aware that shoppers are “aligning around ecosystems” and that the company hoped this new site would help people to stay within the Google brand for a much longer time.

Mr. Rosenberg said, "We think that it takes a number of products that are individually excellent and brings them together into a unified experience for users."

Try out Google Play (Android Marketplace) for yourself and decide if this is the best place for all your Google apps!

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