An Introduction of the New iPad!

The new iPad with its stunning display, ultrafast 4G LTE, and camera, starts at just $719.19 & FREE Shipping!

Retina Display

It's the best mobile display ever created thanks to 3,100,000 pixels delivered by the 4-core A5X chip. Videos and photos are full of incredible detail. Colors are more vibrant and text is razor sharp! Everything looks more lifelike on the new, 3rd generation tablet PC with the Retina display.

Retina Display On the Right
Retina Display On the Right, ipad

Ultrafast 4G LTE

YOU can browse the web, stream video, and download content at AMAZING speeds. The tablet connects to fast data networks around the world, up to 4G LTE, and is designed with next generation wireless technology!

4G LTE, ipad

5MP iSight Camera

Every moment you capture looks as great as you remember, and YOU can record 1080P HD video too! The device features face detection for incredible still images, auto white balance, backside illumination sensor, and a 5 megapixel camera with advanced OPTICS.

5MP iSight Camera
5MP iSight Camera, ipad

iWork and iLife for the Tablet PC

Along with a world of other apps specifically designed for the Apple tablet, you can find them and iWork apps - Numbers, Keynote, and Pages - in the App Store. The new iPhoto app joins iMovie and GarageBand to complete the iLife family for the device.

GarageBand, ipad

In Business

The Apple tablet PC changes the way you work, with its amazing built-in apps, breakthrough technology, and its advanced design!

In Education

The tablet is transforming the classroom, from thousands of apps for learning, to interactive iBooks textbooks.

iBooks, ipad


Accessories let YOU do more with the tablet PC. Docked or connected, you're covered with the right accessory for iPad.

Accessories, ipad

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