GPX, Which Can be Freely Used by GPS Programs, is an Open Standard!

GPX is a GPS data file that allows for the interchange of GPS data between different devices and applications; uses standard XML formatting that can be imported and read by multiple Web services and programs; includes tracks, routes, and waypoints; contains location data formatted in the GPS Exchange Format.

GPS, gpx

This file type, which can be freely used by GPS programs, is an open standard.

GPS Program
GPS Program, gpx

Programs That Open These Files

Windows: Google Earth, Merkaartor, TopoGrafix EasyGPS, GPS Utility, Microsoft Streets & Trips, TatukGIS Viewer, Safe Software FME Desktop, Garmin MapSource and Fugawi Global Navigator.

Google Earth
Google Earth, gpx

Mac OS:

  • Google Earth
  • Apple Xcode
  • GPSRouteX
  • Merkaartor
  • MacGPS Pro

Linux: Merkaartor

The File Format

The format can be used without the need to pay license fees. Its tags store time, elevation, and location and can be used to interchange data between software packages and GPS devices. Such computer programs allow people to tag photographs with the geolocation in the Exif metadata, annotate maps, project their tracks on satellite images or other maps, and view their tracks.

Photographs, gpx

A collection of points, in this file, is deemed a collection of individual waypoints, with no sequential relationship (for example, all Skyscrapers in Miami). A route or a track may be expressed as an ordered collection of points. Conceptually, routes are suggestions about where they might go in the future, tracks are a record of where a person has been. For example, the points in a route are unlikely to have timestamps, because the user is suggesting a route which nobody might ever have traveled, but each point in a track may have a timestamp (because someone has recorded where and when they were there).

Skyscrapers in Miami
Skyscrapers in Miami, gpx

Get an Android phone or another platform and download Google Earth or one of these other programs and start working with your GPX files today!

Android Phone - Samsung Galaxy S7

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