Google Maps 3D for Mobile Phones!

Google Maps 3D is included with Google Maps on Android-powered devices.

Google Maps In 3D
Google Maps 3D

Some of the features included:

  • Tilt
  • Rotate
  • Compass mode
  • Smooth zooming
  • Offline reliability
  • Offline rerouting


To see a skyline come to life, drag down with two fingers to tilt and zoom-in. This allows you to see buildings in 3D, in 100+ cities around the world.


Twist with two fingers to rotate your map and see it from any direction. This is a whole new way to see a map!

Compass Mode

Google Maps With Compass Mode
Google Maps 3D With Compass Mode

First, on the map, locate yourself. Tap the compass button while centering on your location. The map changes into 3D and rotates to whichever direction you're facing.

Smooth Zooming

Move two fingers apart or together. The labels and map zoom continuously with your fingers. This allows you to zoom to whatever level YOU choose.

Offline Reliability

Even if you lose your connection, no worries, maps that you use the most have been preloaded in the background so you can see and interact with them.

Offline Rerouting

After beginning a route, even if you lose your connection, Google Maps Navigation automatically reroutes you!

Google Earth

Google Earth for mobile has a feature called the "Tour Guide" that will list attractions that you may be interested in seeing when you're in a particular area. Google Earth uses KML files. KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Maps for mobile, Google Maps, and Google Earth.

Google Earth For Mobile
Google Earth For Mobile, Google Maps 3D

If Google Maps in 3D is something you're interested in getting, if you don't have it now, search for "Google Maps" in Google Play or visit this URL in your phone's browser:

Google Play
Google Play, Google Maps 3D

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