GOOG is the Stock Symbol for Google Inc.

GOOG has been one of the fastest growing companies in history! The company generates revenue primarily by delivering online advertising.

One of the Fastest Growing Companies in History!
Google, goog

Focused on improving the ways people connect with information, the company is a global technology company. Its business was focused on enterprise, platforms and operating systems, advertising, and search, at the end of 2011.

With targeted advertising, businesses use its AdWords program to promote their services and products. Also, to deliver relevant advertisements that generate revenue, people use its AdSense program.

AdWords, goog

The company launched Google+, in June 2011, a way to share online. More than 90,000,000 people had joined the social program, as of the beginning of 2012.

A Way to Share Online
Google+, goog

As an example of their quick growth: the company acquired PushLife, in April 2011. It acquired Zagat, in September 2011. It acquired MMI (Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.), in May 2012. The company acquired marketing start-up Wildfire, on July 31, 2012.

Zagat, goog

To anyone with an Internet connection, the company maintains an index of online content and Websites, and makes it available through its search engine. In response to user queries and to deliver relevant search results, its search technologies sort through information. It offers specialized search services to help users tailor their search and integrates features into its search service.

Internet Connection
Internet Connection, goog

The company launched Search plus Your World, at the beginning of 2012. The person’s results page may include Google+ content from people that the user might be interested in following or is close to, when a user performs a signed-in search. Also appearing on a user’s results page, may be relevant Google+ pages and profiles related to an area of interest or specific topic.

Search, goog

The company is the creator of Google Maps and Google Earth, which hikers and backpackers use to look at maps, get directions, and see elevations and topography. GOOG also puts out the Android operating system on many popular mobile phones and laptop PCs.

Look at Maps and Get Directions
Google Maps, goog

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