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Directions by Google Maps
Google Maps Directions

Google Maps Directions driving gives you the ability to use your current location as a start or end point, when generating directions. To use this feature, fill in the above form. In the first box, start typing "your location". Click the line item to populate the starting point.

In the second box, start typing "your destination". Click the line item to populate the end point.

When you click "Get Directions", Google Maps will calculate directions based on this information.

Getting Directions With Your Android Phone or Tablet PC

For hikers and backpackers, you need to have an Android phone or tablet pc where you can download the Google Maps Directions app. This will give you the ability to get directions.

Android Phone - Samsung Galaxy S7
Android Phone - Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Maps Directions

For Android, Google Maps gets you to where you want to go and shows you where you are. Whether driving, taking public transit or walking, get voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, FREE. Based on live traffic info, see estimated time to your destination.

Android - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Android - Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Google Maps Directions

Indoor Maps

For select stores, hotels, airports and other locations, use Indoor Maps to see your accurate indoor location and detailed floor plans.

3D Maps

Rich 3D maps show you a more realistic view of what's around you.

3D Maps
3D Maps, Google Maps Directions

Street View

You can explore the globe with Street View.

Street View - Photo by Google
Street View - Photo by Google, Google Maps Directions

To Get the Most Out of Google Maps for Android, Sign In to Google

Get to the places you care about easier and faster. Making it easier to get navigation or directions no matter where you want to go, you can tap into recent searches, or star places you go to frequently, whether on mobile or desktop.

Google Maps displays place names in the local language of each country.

Google Maps for Android
Google Maps for Android, Google Maps Directions

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