Google Aerial Maps!

Google Aerial Maps are so detailed, they can show objects only 4 inches wide! Google has already sent planes over some cities. They will use their planes to create 3D maps more detailed than their Google Earth satellite images.

Aerial Maps
Google Aerial Maps

Some people have warned that privacy issues could be raised since these planes can take images through skylights and windows. I may want to be careful about sunbathing in my backyard if they take aerial maps of my house!

Google has said it wants to have images from towns and cities with a combined population of 300 million by the end of the year. Current 3D technology has lower resolution images and when you zoom in, you can lose resolution.

Little is known about the technology used in the planes Google is using to get their aerial maps. It has been suggested that they take photos of about 40 square miles per hour which means that they are flying very high and fast. This will relieve some who worry about Google receiving any wi-fi information. They had done this when taking photos for their street views.

Google pixellates car number plates and faces but it's not perfect since some people have been recognized in the images. Google has already taken aerial images of big cities but the resolutiion is too low to worry about privacy. With the new technology, there could be a problem with privacy if they film residential and rural areas.

Being a hiker and backpacker, I wouldn't mind having high resolution Google aerial maps of mountains, rivers and trails on my phone! I think these would be GREAT.

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