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Seminole Rest is Very Scenic and Right By the Water!

Seminole Rest
Seminole Rest

When the Covid-19 Pandemic started and just about everything was shut down, I decided to go for a drive along A1A North just to get out of the house! I reached a small town by the name of Oak Hill and I saw a sign pointing to the right of U.S. 1, that I was traveling on, showing a scenic drive. So I took it and it led me to a small parking area which I believe is part of the National Seashore that is in this area.

Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day, Seminole Rest

There are bathrooms by the parking area but because of the pandemic, they were not open. As I write this, the National Park Service is starting to open things back up so they may be open now. There is a very nice sidewalk that you can walk on that eventually leads to a wooden walkway that leads up to the two buildings and then leads to another sidewalk that leads you back to your car. The views along the way are just spectacular! I would not recommend this place for a long backpack or hike but if you are looking for much scenery with a little exercise, then you can't beat this!

Nice Sidewalk
Nice Sidewalk, Seminole Rest

There was construction going on so I could not get to close to the main house.

Construction to Main House
Construction to Main House, Seminole Rest

There is a pier with a floating dock.

Pier, Seminole Rest

Floating Dock
Floating Dock, Seminole Rest

There are information boards all along the walk to fill you in on all the history of the site and the area. Also, you will find picnic tables and benches to sit at to have a nice snack or to relax and rest.

Information, Seminole Rest

I was visited by what looked to be Ibis. Looks like they were just eating away!

Ibis, Seminole Rest

There is a canoe launch here as well.

Canoe Launch
Canoe Launch, Seminole Rest

There are many beautiful trees and Oaks all over the large tract of land.

Beautiful Oak
Beautiful Oak, Seminole Rest

I am so glad the family that owned this land preserved it with the indian mound so that we can all still enjoy it today. If you have a chance to come by this way, stop in and check it out. Hopefully the buildings will be open and you can go inside as well!


Seminole Rest main home atop Snyder Mound a Timucuan shell mound
main home atop Snyder Mound a Timucuan shell mound, Seminole Rest

The historic shell mound, the foundation of the main house and the caretakers house, is 13 feet high and comprised of over 90 % quahog clam shells left as refuse by the Timucua. Evidence from the mound indicates that this mound was seasonally used as a clam processing station. The clams were mass harvested, smoked for preservation and packed for use at a later date. Artifacts such as projectile points, pottery shards, and shell beads for necklaces were found in the mound during an archeological dig that was conducted in the 1990's. The mound, known as Snyder's Mound, dates as far back as 2,000 BCE (Before Common Era). The most inhabited time period was 800 CE - 1100 CE (Common Era).

Seminole Rest tells a story of the Timucua Indians, pioneer settlement and a preservation of cultures. With accounts from Spanish writings, as well as the science of archeology, we are able to connect the past to the present. The main house as well as the caretaker's home were constructed prior to 1888.

Text Source: NPS

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