Riverbend Park!

Riverbend Park
Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park is a very nice park just west of I-95 and the Florida Turnpike at 9060 W. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter, FL. It is located on the north side of the road and has plenty of parking. It is adjacent to the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park also located in the same area. The trails run through both parks and even lead to Cypress Creek Natural Area just to the west. I decided to hike here because I hiked earlier at another park further out away from town and it was a bit wet and overgrown. I knew this park has great trails and would probably be drier and it was.

Ducks on the Pond
Ducks on the Pond, Riverbend Park

Paved Path
Paved Path, Riverbend Park

Nice Waterway!
Nice Waterway, Riverbend Park

Green Trail Next to Waterway
Green Trail Next to Waterway, Riverbend Park

The trail lead me over to the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park where the Second Seminole War Battles, Powell's Battle - January 15, 1838 and Jesup's Battle - January 24, 1838 were fought.

Royal Palm Trees
Royal Palm Trees, Riverbend Park

Battles of the Loxahatchee
Battles of the Loxahatchee, Riverbend Park

Historic Jupiter-Indiantown Trail
Historic Jupiter-Indiantown Trail, Riverbend Park

If you follow the above trail it will take you into Cypress Creek Natural Area just to the west.

Small Blue Heron
Small Blue Heron, Riverbend Park

I turned around and hiked back towards the east and south until I came upon the "Tree of Tears".

Tree of Tears
Tree of Tears, Riverbend Park

There are a lot of beautiful trees here including old oaks!

Beautiful Old Oak Tree
Beautiful Old Oak Tree, Riverbend Park

Another Nice Old Oak Tree!
Another Nice Old Oak Tree, Riverbend Park

Walking along the water there is a nice footbridge where you can get to another parking area.

Nice Footbridge Over Water
Nice Footbridge Over Water, Riverbend Park

I soon come to another footbridge that goes over the Loxahatchee River. You can look both ways to get nice views and there is even a dock where you can climb out of your watercraft and sit and just sun yourself!

Footbridge Over Loxahatchee River
Footbridge Over Loxahatchee River, Riverbend Park

Loxahatchee River
Loxahatchee River, Riverbend Park

Loxahatchee River Dock with Chairs
Loxahatchee River Dock with Chairs, Riverbend Park

Lots of water here with canals and lakes.

Lots of Water
Lots of Water, Riverbend Park

The trails go through woods, by water and there is shade and sun. There are bike riders as well because I believe you can rent bikes when you come into the park. You may also be able to rent watercraft. There is a boat launch where you can get into the water easily.

Great Trails!
Great Trails, Riverbend Park

Another Nice Footbridge
Another Nice Footbridge, Riverbend Park

Around 12:30 p.m. I stopped for lunch at this covered Tiki Hut. It is right by a small lake where I can enjoy watching the birds come and go!

Lunch Spot
Lunch Spot, Riverbend Park

Large Air Plant!
Large Air Plant, Riverbend Park

Well Marked Trails
Well Marked Trails, Riverbend Park

Florida Trail & Ocean to Lake Trail
Florida Trail & Ocean to Lake Trail, Riverbend Park

Beautiful Lake!
Beautiful Lake, Riverbend Park

Heron on a Limb
Heron on a Limb, Riverbend Park

Trail Leaving the Park
Trail Leaving the Park, Riverbend Park

Ducks Seeing Me Off
Ducks Seeing Me Off, Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park is a great park because it is close to town but yet out in the country! You can hike in and out of the park with the many trails that come into and go out of this park. Cypress Creek Natural Area is just to the west on both both sides of the road and you can hike easily to Jonathan Dickinson State Park from this park.

Address: 9060 Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Florida 33478
Phone: 561-741-1359
Area: 665.62 acres
Management: Palm Beach County
Some Info from Palm Beach County Florida.

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