Morgan Park!

Morgan Park
Morgan Park

I had gone for a drive with no destination in mind and was driving west of Okeechobee, Florida until I got to Arcadia, Florida. I decided I would stop at Morgan Park and do a little hike since I had driven so far that day. Morgan Park is a very nice park just north of route 70 at 1100 W. Hickory St., Arcadia, FL 34266. It has plenty of parking. The trails run along a cement pathway and grass covered by nice trees. I know this park has great trails! Park at the end of the paved road and you can find the start of the North Trail from there.

I stopped at a side parking area by the Peace River to get a picture of an alligator sunning it self on the bank. Since they are cold-blooded animals, they love to do this on cool days, which this was.

Alligator, Morgan Park

As you are coming into the park, you'll see an old bridge that is used now for a pedestrian walkway between Morgan Park and the park just on the other side of the walkway to the west. It looks like they just renovated the bridge.

Renovated Walking Bridge
Renovated Walking Bridge, Morgan Park

Follow Sidewalk to Peace River
Follow Sidewalk to Peace River, Morgan Park

The trail that is paved will go through the woods for a short distance. Once you walk this then you can continue on and go onto the River Loop trail that follows the Peace River. I did not do this trail today since it was late in the day and I had a long drive to get back home.

Paved Trail
Paved Trail, Morgan Park

Wooden Bridge
Wooden Bridge, Morgan Park

Walk softly and you may encounter a rabbit foraging along the grass. Rabbits, squirrels, and birds, are numerous in this park. Later, when I was getting ready to enter my car to leave, I could hear a woodpecker pecking away in a nearby tree.

Rabbit, Morgan Park

During the winter in Florida we get our dry season and it hasn't rained very much lately so the Peace River is very low and quiet. Come here in the summer months and the river is higher and moving fast!

Peace River Very Low and Quiet!
Peace River Very Low and Quiet, Morgan Park

I just love this time of year in Florida, end of February, beginning of March! The new leaves begin to come out and the color of the green leaves is just amazing!

Spring Green!
Spring Green, Morgan Park

As I walk back to my car, I get the feeling I'm being watched!

Squirrel Watching Me!
Squirrel Watching Me, Morgan Park

When leaving or entering the park, you can park right by the walking bridge just outside the park. Get out and take a stroll across and check out the view!

Bridge Over Peace River
Bridge Over Peace River, Morgan Park

There are bathrooms here, covered pavillion, picnic tables, and the park closes at 8 p.m. Phone: (863) 993-4854. Dogs are welcome. Water fountains. Bring your family and enjoy!

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