Lake Kissimmee State Park, Located on Lakes Rosalie, Tiger, and Kissimmee!

Bobcats, turkeys, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, and white tailed deer have been seen in Lake Kissimmee State Park!

To study and observe the abundant animal and plant life, nature lovers can hike over thirteen miles of trails. Located at 14248 Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales, Florida 33853 is Lake Kissimmee S.P. Call (863) 696-1112, for more information about the park.

Lake Kissimmee State Park Entrance
Lake Kissimmee State Park Entrance

I hiked around Buster Island in this park back in February, 2008. I hiked in the park again in March, 2008 on the North Trail. I began my first hike by walking over a bridge which took me to Buster Island. The trail leads out to a loop which surrounds the entire island.

Side Trail to Loop
Side Trail to Loop, lake kissimmee state park

I began the hike by going left on the loop, since this part of the trail is more sunny due to lack of trees and it was early in the day and cool.

Nice Day For A Hike!
Nice Day For A Hike!, lake kissimmee state park

What a beautiful trail this is with all the nice Oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging down. I just love it!

Great Trees!
Great Trees!, lake kissimmee state park

I like hiking during the winter in Florida because it is nice and cool with no insects. Summer is just too hot, rainy and the insects will eat you alive!

Follow the White Paint Markers
Follow the White Paint Markers, lake kissimmee state park

I soon come to these two Oak trees where the trail literally goes in between the trees. How cool is that!

Trail Goes Between Two Oak Trees!
Trail Goes Between Two Oak Trees!, lake kissimmee state park

Next, I come to a very small clearing and see this beautiful old Oak tree. Wow, look at the size of that tree!

Very Large Beautiful Oak Tree
Very Large Beautiful Oak Tree, lake kissimmee state park

Pretty soon I come to this sign that has much wisdom and says it all.

Good Advice!
Good Advice!, lake kissimmee state park

After I complete my hike, I go over to the observation tower to get up high and see more of the park from above.

Observation Tower
Observation Tower, lake kissimmee state park

From the observation tower I see Lake Kissimmee and the canal that leads into it from the state park.

Lake Kissimmee and Entrance Canal
Lake Kissimmee and Entrance Canal, lake kissimmee state park

Just to show you some of the wildlife in Lake Kissimmee State Park, I've included a couple of photos of my hike on the north trail that I did later in March. The first is of a rattlesnake that was laying across a dirt side road that I came upon. I did not get anywhere close to this snake!

Huge Rattlesnake!
Huge Rattlesnake!, lake kissimmee state park

Last is the photo I took of an Armadillo. You usually can get pretty close to them and they will jump straight up when startled. I have learned to stay clear of them since one time I approached an Armadillo and it charged me! Well, I tried to move away quickly backwards, tripped and fell right on my back. The Armadillo then turned and ran. Ever since then, I give them lots of room. I figured maybe this one Armadillo thought I was moving in on it's food source!

Armadillo, lake kissimmee state park

Lake Kissimmee State Park is a very remote park in central Florida. If you're looking for peace and serenity, you'll find it here!

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