The Appalachian Trail Traverses the Northwest Corner of Connecticut and Western MA!

Journeying from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine, the 2,179 mile Appalachian Trail, traverses the northwest corner of Connecticut and western Massachusetts, touring mountain top, field, streams, and forest! It features various tour options for thru (the truly adventurous may endeavor to hike the entire 138-mile route), shuttle, and round trip trails.

Springer Mountain, Georgia
Springer Mountain, Georgia, appalachian trail

Above the Housatonic River Valley, the fifty three miles (84 km) of trail in Connecticut lie almost entirely along the ridges to the west. Below the town of Kent (South Kent: The 4.8-mile Housatonic River Walk is a unique section of the Appalachian Trail - it is one of few long flat parts of the entire trail. The easy, relaxing walk on an old farming road provides ample opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and varied wildlife along the river.) the trail climbs ridges, (Kent to St. Johns Ledges, this exciting 5-mile hike is better suited for the more experienced hiker, but well worth the challenge.

With a highest elevation of 1,100 feet, the scenic trail ends with a thrilling yet manageable descent.) and then works its way to Falls Village (hiking is mostly moderate, with a section that is wheelchair accessible, and steep, fairly challenging sections that are short in duration) past the Housatonic River, where it regains the heights. The trail ascends into the Taconic Range, after the town of Salisbury: Lions Head, Riga Ridge, and Bear Mountain, and then at Sage's Ravine the Massachusetts line is reached.

Housatonic River
Housatonic River, appalachian trail

A popular resupply point for thru hikers, the trail passes within one mile (1.6 km) of the business district of Kent. In the northwestern corner of the state, in the town of Salisbury, the AT skirts the town center before reaching the summit of Bear Mountain, descending and entering Massachusetts.

View From Summit Of Bear Mountain
View From Summit Of Bear Mountain, appalachian trail

Just east of the junction of those two states with New York, the state's highest point, on the shoulder of Mount Frissell at the Massachusetts line, lies about two miles (3 km) off the Appalachian Trail. Such a side trip entails about 1,300 feet (400 m) of climbing elevation and is on the order of five miles (8 km) long.

The State's Highest Point, On Mount Frissell
The State's Highest Point, On Mount Frissell, appalachian trail


Ninety miles (145 km), Massachusetts has of the trail. It traverses both the Berkshires and the Taconic Mountains, the entire section of trail is in western Massachusetts' Berkshire County. The Appalachian Trail climbs Mount Everett at 2,602 feet (793 m), the highest peak in the southern Taconic Mountains, then descends to the Housatonic River Valley and skirts the town of Great Barrington. It then ascends into the Berkshire Mountains and passes through the towns of Dalton and Cheshire.

Mount Everett
Mount Everett, appalachian trail

Visiting the highest point in the state at Mount Greylock, 3,491 feet (1,064 m), it ascends into the Taconic Mountains again. Within two miles (3 km) of North Adams and Williamstown, it then quickly descends to the valley before ascending again to the state line of Vermont. Maintained by the Berkshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club is the entire trail throughout Massachusetts.

Highest Point In The State At Mount Greylock
Highest Point In The State At Mount Greylock, appalachian trail

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