Several Appalachian Trail Hikers Say the Views at the Pinnacle are the Best!

Hike the Appalachian Trail for incredible views of Blue Rocks, the Lehigh Valley, and Hawk Mountain. The best views on the Pennsylvania section of the trail are the views at the Pinnacle, claim many Appalachian Trail through hikers.

Hawk Mountain
Hawk Mountain, appalachian trail

You will get a great workout climbing up the rocky route to the top on this hike.

Rocky Route To The Top
Rocky Route to the Top, appalachian trail

As you make a gentle descent on a wide dirt road, you then get a reprieve. With hikers, this is an extremely popular trail! Abandoned roads and rocky forest footpaths follow mountain streams and forested mountain trails to a ridge top boulder outcrop.

Ridge Top Boulder Outcrop
Ridge Top Boulder Outcrop, appalachian trail


On portions of the AT, a great hike! It is close by Hamburg, PA. The scenery is spectacular! Length on this hike is 8.5 miles round trip. You gain 1,200 feet in elevation. Your hiking time is around 4.5 hours. Difficulty is moderate for this hike. There are a few difficult spots along the way but the trail condition is good. This hiking trail is a loop.

The Schuylkill River, Hamburg, PA
The Schuylkill River, Hamburg, PA, appalachian trail

From Hamburg take Old Rt 22 to Reservoir Road and park at the gate for the Reservoir, to get to the trailhead.

Starting at the gate, go up the road to the Appalachian Trail, follow the white blazes thru the switch backs. Hike to the top of Pulpit Rock, then continue on the trail for about two miles. To get to the summit, follow the blue blazed trail. Afterwards, the trail will loop around back to the parking lot.

Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock, appalachian trail

Take bug spray and wear sturdy boots. The bugs are really annoying when they fly in your face but they come and go. If it's hot, pack a backpack with at least four bottles of water per person. To enjoy the view, take some lunch if you want to hang out at the Pinnacle. You will get cooked at Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacle, so wear sunblock. Be prepared to sweat a lot if it's humid and hot.

Hang Out At The Pinnacle!
Hang Out At The Pinnacle, appalachian trail

Know where you are! Bring a map. The best way to go is the Valley Rim Trail. After the bridge, take the white trail right. Up to Pulpit Rock it's a really tough hike but gets much easier after that. You have to back track to the sign, to pick up the white trail again, when you are done at the Pinnacle.

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