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Camping Backpack Requires the Right Backpacking Camping Tent and Camping Backpacking Equipment!

When going on a Camping Backpack, having the right backpacking camping gear will make your trip more enjoyable and fun!

Camping Backpack!
Camping Backpack!

Many parks and National Parks have established several blue blazed hiking trails. There are also orange blazed hiking trails. A separate trail map is usually available. The orange trails and blue trails, maintained and developed by the Park and Forest Services, are located on both private and public lands and their continuance is dependent in many cases upon the goodwill of property owners. All hikers are requested to stay on the trails and to respect the rights of property owners adjacent to and on the trail. The primitive camp sites are provided for the backpacker and the length of stay at any one location is usually limited to one night. The campsites are available year round, depending mostly on weather conditions.

Indian Garden Has Primitive Camp Sites
Indian Garden Has Primitive Camp Sites, Camping Backpack!

Camping Backpack Facilities

The backpack camping areas have primitive campsites with few facilities. Campers are advised to bring their own tents since several have camp shelters of limited capacity. Drinking water is not provided except at approved forest and state park wells.

Tents, Camping Backpack!


  • Backpackers are requested to use fuel stoves for cooking. Please build only in established fire rings and be sure fires are fully extinguished before leaving campsites if open fires must be used.

Fuel Stoves For Cooking
Fuel Stoves For Cooking, Camping Backpack!

  • Camp only in designated areas indicated on the map and by signs.
  • Keep the trail and camping areas free of trash. Pack out what you pack in.
  • Stay on the trail which is marked by orange blazes or blue blazes. Double blazes indicate a change in direction in the trail.

Double Blazes
Double Blazes, Camping Backpack!

  • Hike and camp in groups of less than ten people if possible.
  • Fecal matter should be buried. Dig at least fifty feet from the trail and two hundred feet from water.
  • Pets are not allowed at camp sites.
  • Children under eighteen years old must be accompanied by an adult in attendance who accepts responsibility.

Camping Backpack Warning To Campers

Camping sites are sometimes placed on State lands that are also open to hunting. The peak season for Hunting in some northeast United States locations begins in October and runs through December, however, it may occur year round. If you are camping in an area where hunting is permitted:

  • Wear a fluorescent orange vest or hat, or bright clothing.
    • Call out to identify your location if you see someone hunting.
    • Let someone know when you will return, and where you are going.

    The Right Backpacking Camping Tent

    First decide what kind of camping you'll be doing. Are you into four season camping or do you only go out in the summer? Be sure to prepare yourself for the worst possible weather. Waking up to snow inside your summer camping tent isn't fun.

    How many people will you camp with?

    Use the rating system, which means how many people will be in the tent but nothing else if you're looking for backpacking tents and weight is a big concern. Otherwise I'd plan bigger.

    Backpacking Tents
    Backpacking Tents, Camping Backpack!

    Go one size bigger than what you need for a smaller camping tent. Divide the rating by two so you'll have more room if you have to stay inside due to bad weather.

    A four man tent with two vestibules is just right for two people and lots of gear. This is true with children because the smaller they are the more room they need with all their stuff. More room makes long trips much more pleasant.

    Consider the dimensions of the camping tents you're looking at. Again add more length and width for other equipment used for hiking and camping.

    Make sure you have enough space for an inflatable air mattress. I have to say it makes camping so much more comfortable than lying on a pad. Skip the air mattress and use the pad if weight is important to you.

    Inflatable Air Mattress
    Inflatable Air Mattress, Camping Backpack!

    To change your clothes, make sure that you'll have enough height to kneel, stand fully upright, or partially stand, if that's important to you. More height is convenient and comfortable, but that means larger camping tents will catch the wind easier and weigh more.

    Don't be afraid to spend money on quality camping tents. A cheap discount brand that's going to leak and/or collapse on you in a storm will only make you miserable and angry. You'll spend more money in the long run if you have to buy two tents so get what you want the first time.

    Quality Camping Tents
    Quality Camping Tents, Camping Backpack!

    I will not make recommendations here because I don't know your particular situation. I advise you to use the search box on this page and search for "tents". This will show you all the camping backpack tents I have reviewed and you can choose the one that's best for you.

    The Right Backpacking Camping Gear

    Sleeping bags

    Choosing a backpacking sleeping bag is not a problem and can be easy. If you know the weather for the trip, all you will need to decide is the temperature ratings, weight, and what your budget allows.

    Backpacking Sleeping Bag
    Backpacking Sleeping Bag, Camping Backpack!

    Camping sleeping pads

    Even the best sleeping bags will not provide enough comfort to sleep well without a good sleeping pad. The types available include a backpacking inflatable mattress, self inflating pad, open cell foam, or closed cell foam. They vary in suitability, comfort and weight for the planned trip. The most comfortable option will be an air mattress.

    Inflated, Self Inflating Pad
    Inflated, Self Inflating Pad, Camping Backpack!

    There is only a small hand full of quality sleeping pad brand names. The brand name that is the most popular with lots of outdoor enthusiasts is Therm-A-Rest.

    Z-Lite By Therm-A-Rest
    Z-Lite By Therm-A-Rest, Camping Backpack!

    Backpacking stoves

    Check out my Backpacking Stove Reviews page for the best backpacking stove. I also recommend a good backpacking tent there.

    I find it very useful to use a backpacking list of Backpacking Gear needed. This helps to ensure you have the essential items needed and exclude unnecessary items.

    There you have it. The best backpacking camping equipment for your camping backpack trip! Get out there and have fun and remember to stay on the trail!

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