Canon Deluxe Backpack Bag For Camera - Black!

A backpack bag for camera by other camera backpack manufacturers is sometimes not very large. One of the best ones I've found is the backpack bag for camera by Canon.

I was skeptical about the size of the Canon backpack but I'm not now. This is not a small or a large backpack.

You have the ability to create a custom storage area because there is Velcro inside the bag. You can put a Sigma 50mm, a Vivitar fish eye lens, a Canon 28-55 lens, and a 550d with a 70-300 Canon lens attached. They all fit in it easily!

You have ease of access to all of your equipment, which makes it simple for quick changes, when you open the main pouch. Should you have to set it down quickly to get out your lens or camera, the pack is padded to protect your gear. There are pouches, where you would be able to store other equipment and flash cards, on the front and on the inside.

There are straps, where you can strap down your tripod, on the bottom as well as the sides. It holds camera equipment securely and safely.

It has a good price, is durable, light and simple.

When your camera is protected in a water resistant, rugged backpack, the roughest conditions won't deter you on your adventures.

I recommend this backpack camera bag to everyone.

Backpack Features

  • Manufactured for Canon SLR digital cameras
  • Made of urethane coated nylon and has a water repellent, weather resistant design
  • Side pocket holds camera accessories
  • Includes a detachable strap and carrying handle

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200eg Specifications

Backpack Height: 14.8"

Backpack Width: 10"

Backpack Depth: 5"

Camera bag

Works with Canon SLR digital cameras

Model number: 200EG

Backpack Camera Bags SKU: 7191004

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