Best Backpacking Lite List to Help You Backpack for a Whole Day or More!

To help you get through without wearing yourself out, here is the Best Backpacking Lite list! In a recent contest, it is a suggested list of items put together by Jamie Shortt. You should do fine, as long as you stay under the suggested target weight, but it is not an ultralight backpacking list. Depending on your particular situation, again, you may have other items and this is only a suggested list:

Backpacking Lite
backpacking lite

  • Packing: 2.5 Liter Flexible Water Bottle - 1.5 oz., Small Frameless Backpack with Whistle - 9.5 oz.
  • Sleeping/Shelter: 30" Down Sleeping Quilt - 18 oz., Short 3/8" Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pad - 4 oz., Breathable Bivy - 7 oz., 6 Titanium stakes - 13 oz., 36 ft. line, Poncho Tarp

Titanium Stake
Titanium Stake, backpacking lite

  • Clothing Packed: Nylon Wind Shirt - 3 oz., Wool Crew Socks - 2 oz., Synthetic Insulated Jacket - 9 oz., Fleece Cap and Gloves - 3 oz.
  • Cooking: Bear Bag (40 ft. line + food sack) - 1.5 oz. or canister, Titanium Spoon - 0.5 oz., Titanium Wing Stove (solid fuel) - 0.5 oz., Titanium Mug - 2 oz.

Bear Bag
Bear Bag, backpacking lite

  • In quart zip lock (Essentials): First Aid Kit (in pint zip lock)* - 1 oz., Insect Repellent in mini bottle - 0.5 oz., Liquid Soap in mini bottle - 0.5 oz., 8 Water purification tablets - 0.5 oz. or water filtration system, Bandanna - 1 oz., Simple Compass and Map - 1 oz., Key Chain LED light - 0.5 oz., Mini Butane Lighter - 0.5 oz.

Insect Repellent
Insect Repellent, backpacking lite

  • Carried/Worn Items: Trail Runners - 26 oz., Wool Crew Socks - 2 oz., Wide Brim Nylon Hat - 3 oz., Convertible Hiking Pants - 12 oz., Synthetic Underwear - 3 oz., Wool Long Sleeve Base-layer - 6 oz.

Trail Runners
Trail Runners, backpacking lite

Unless of course you have additional items that you just can't live without, total gear weight should not exceed 8.3 lbs.!

*First Aid Kit Details

Two Gauze Pads

Five feet of Duct Tape

Razor Blade

Razor Blade
Razor Blade, backpacking lite

Four Ibuprofen

One Antihistamine

One Antacid

Waterproof Match Book

I strongly recommend reducing the weight of your gear or even taking less of it or take a look at backpacking lite if you're going on a 200+ mile backpack or more than a day hike, even though most modern gear and backpacks are relatively lightweight. Always remember, never sacrifice safety for backpacking light! Stay on the trail and have a great time!

A Day Hike!
A Day Hike, backpacking lite

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