The Best Backpacking Gear!

Not having the right Backpacking Gear can get you into trouble!

Backpacking Gear
Backpacking Gear

I once hiked Humphreys Peak outside Flagstaff, AZ. It was brutal getting to the top, but I got there! Coming down the mountain late in the day it began to get dark and I was concerned I would not get down before the darkness set in!

I did not have a flashlight at the time so I moved as quickly as I could safely. Well, I did get down just as the sun was setting. I don't know if I'll be hiking any more mountains, but if I do, I plan on having a flashlight along with some other vital gear...

Survival Gear

To stay safe, here is a list of hiking gear I recommend:

  • backpacking lantern or headlamp, good flashlight
  • water or hydration bottle
  • compass
  • sun tan lotion and sunglasses
  • multi-tool or knife
  • energy snacks or food
  • for cold weather, gloves.

To take along with all our other gear, these are just a small number of items. I feel the above items are essential but you may want to take different items based on your personal preferences.

I had underestimated some of the hikes I went on and did not take enough water, when I was new to backpacking and hiking. Not good! Always take plenty of sport drinks and drinking water. It is always better to have too much than not enough!

Outdoor Adventure Gear

On our backpack, here is a list of good quality items we want to take with us:

  • trekking poles
  • snowshoes (for snow)
  • socks
  • good sturdy hiking boots
  • waist pack so we can keep items handy if needed
  • collapsible portable backpacking shovel (for snow).

You also want to pack your sleeping pad and tent, if you're planning to hike several days or stay overnight.

Don't assume problems don't arise, they do, and staying safe on the trail means using your common sense. You too will come back to backpack another day, if you have the right food, water, and gear. I hope to see you on the trail and have fun!

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