Finding the Right Trekking Poles!

The Carbonlite Pro trekking poles are extremely lightweight and are perfect for long days on the trail.

Hiking poles have many practical benefits:

  • They lower the amount of stress on your joints and legs when hiking downhill.
  • Provide better footing and balance.
  • They make crossing slippery surfaces, loose rocks and streams, safer and easier.
  • When hiking uphill, hiking poles transfer some of your weight to your arms and shoulders, which can reduce leg fatigue.
  • They can knock down spider webs, which I see alot here in Florida, and push back vegetation.

Women's Hiking Poles

These have small grips, compact and are shorter. They are easy to pack and weigh less. Also, hiking poles are available for kids.

Hiking Poles Offered

Anti shock hiking poles: These have springs that absorb shock when you descend a hill. When it's not needed, this option can be turned off. The antishock pole is for those who have weak or damaged knees, ankles or hips.

Standard hiking poles: These are not antishock and are lightweight. They provide a good level of support and balance.

Hiking staff: This is just one pole used on flat ground. Hiking staffs are adjustable or fixed in length and some are antishock.

What to look for in Trekking Poles

If you travel, you want to have poles that are adjustable and collapse. They have to fit into your luggage. You may Also want to adjust your hiking poles according to the terrain. Short for uphill, long for downhill and if you are on a hillside a combination of the two.

Lighter hiking poles do cost a little more but will let you hike longer with less fatigue. I have had good luck with aluminum poles. If you want even lighter poles, consider Carbon fiber. They are light and strong.

Some hiking poles come with longer grips so you don't have to adjust them if all of a sudden you are descending or hiking uphill. Saves time and work!

You may want to see how they lock. Some have very easy locks that open and close while others lock by twisting the segments.

You want to adjust your hiking poles so your forearms are parallel to the ground and your elbows are at ninety degrees when you get them. Adjust them for different terrain.

When I go hiking, I always have my Hiking Poles and a good wide brim hat. Enjoy your poles and have fun. See you on the trail!

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