Mt. Crested Butte, the Ideal Colorado Backpacking Destination!

With countless wild flowers and a magnificent mountain backdrop, Colorado Backpacking in Mt. Crested Butte is set in breathtaking scenery! I was told about Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte by a local man when I was in Telluride, Colorado. He told me I had to see it! So I did.

This was in June, 2002. Back then, Crested Butte was a very small town with little development.

I'm sure it is much bigger today. I was driving along a road there and came to some private land where the owner allowed people to go backpacking and mountain biking. I parked next to his property, by the road, where he had placed some steps to get over his fence. I began hiking across this mountain that I heard might become another Ski Resort.

Crested Butte is known as The Wildflower Capital of Colorado, for good reason...

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers, colorado backpacking

Backpacking in Colorado is incredible! The Aspen trees are a nice green, which I was told began only about two weeks ago.

Tops of Aspen Trees
Tops of Aspen Trees, colorado backpacking

Mt. Crested Butte is around 10,000 ft. in elevation, which makes it nice and cool! Also, hiking through the Aspens creates a lot of shade!

Aspen Trees
Aspen trees, colorado backpacking

As I go along, I get to see beautiful mountains in the distance!

Mountain through Aspens
Mountain through Aspens, colorado backpacking

I continue hiking and soon I come across these wonderful seasonal green plants. They are so numerous!

Seasonal Plants
Seasonal Plants, colorado backpacking

I am hiking along and all of a sudden, I hear something coming up behind me. I think it's a bear! I jump about three feet in the air off the path! I soon realize it's just a young woman riding her mountain bike. She did not warn me until she was right on top of me and she scared me half to death!

She quickly apologized and rode on. Please, if you approach someone from behind, give them a little warning before you get too close. Pretty soon I come across a fallen tree which makes a perfect lunch spot!

Fallen Tree and Lunch Spot
Fallen tree and lunch spot, colorado backpacking

After lunch I get back on the trail and soon I begin to see some mountains off through the trees...

Mountain Tops Through Trees
Mountain Tops through trees, colorado backpacking

I am feeling good that I got to use this trail on such a lovely day! Just imagine, one day this trail could be gone and a Ski Resort may take it's place. Just for this day, I am very grateful! I soon come to a clearing and I can see the mountains even better.

Mountains, colorado backpacking

I soon come across a man hiking towards me and he asks me if I have seen a Beagle running loose? I said no and I told him good luck finding his dog. What a bad place to lose your dog! The mountain is so big! I later hear the dog barking and soon I see the dog running down the mountain across the trail. I sure hope he is running home!

Pretty soon I approach a dirt road that signals the end of the trail. I don't want it to end! What a nice hike this is.

End of Trail
End of trail, colorado backpacking

I cross the road and come to a stream. How nice this stream is flowing gently down the mountain! Heaven on earth!

Stream at End of Trail
Stream end of trail, colorado backpacking

This has been one of the most enjoyable Colorado backpacking trips I have ever experienced. Hopefully one day I can go back and find the property and trail still there! Colorado has some of the best mountains and scenery I've found anywhere!

Gondola Ride from Mountain Village to Telluride, Colorado

I went to Telluride and rode the Gondola in the fall and the colors are just amazing! Check out the Aspens. They are the most beautiful trees in the fall. I believe I spent about $2 the whole time I was there. This was many years ago, but it still was a great bargain. A motel clerk told me before I went there to take a lunch because it is expensive. I took her advice and spent almost nothing to see all this beauty. If you get this way, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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