Best Backpack for Your Child is an Ergonomic Backpack!

Here are the best features to look for in Ergonomic backpacks...

Ergonomic Backpack
Ergonomic Backpack

Studies show that sixty four percent of children suffer from back pain! Making sure the backpack distributes the load evenly and learning to use a backpack properly is important.

Children Suffer from Back Pain!
Children Suffer From Back Pain, Ergonomic Backpack

2 Straps

Make sure the backpack has 2 straps! The entire load is placed on one side of the body when using a single strap. Balance the load on both shoulders with 2 straps.

For carrying light loads, a single strap bag is sufficient.

Backpack Size

The right size backpack is the 2nd most important thing to have. The backpack shouldn't be larger than the child's back.

The Right Size Backpack
The Right Size Backpack, Ergonomic Backpack

Wide Padded Straps

Wide shoulder straps should be on the backpack. Wide straps distribute the load over more area, with a minimum width of 2 inches.

Wide Shoulder Straps
Wide Shoulder Straps, Ergonomic Backpack

Also, the straps should be padded.

Padded Back

Back of pack will protect the child's back from being prodded by objects loaded in the backpack when the back is padded as well.

Back is Padded
Back Is Padded, Ergonomic Backpack


The backpack should be lightweight. The weight of the backpack causes the stress on the back. Reducing the weight will reduce the stress on the back.

Lightweight Backpack
Lightweight Backpack, Ergonomic Backpack

Hip Belt

A hip belt is just fantastic! It dramatically directs the load onto the much stronger hips and waist and away from the shoulders.

A Hip Belt
A Hip Belt, Ergonomic Backpack

You also remove part of the load from the back, by lowering it to the hips. Less chance of back pain results from less stress on the back.


Having several compartments helps in 2 ways with a backpack.

It lets you put flat things next to the back and it helps keep the load where you put it.

Chest Strap

Eliminating load shifting and slippage, a chest strap holds the shoulder straps securely on the main part of the shoulder.

A Chest Strap
A Chest Strap, Ergonomic Backpack

So, look for one that has the above features, if you're determined to reduce back pain for your child. A happy child makes a happy parent!

A Happy Child!
A Happy Child, Ergonomic Backpack

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