The Puma Backpack is Great!

This Puma backpack is great, with padded straps to help keep the carrying comfortable, and an organizer and pockets to keep all your stuff in order!


Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik is a modern Sport Fashion collection that combines vintage silhouettes with street edge, rooted in the revolutionary spirit of the prePUMA era, modernity, and heritage sport.

Rudolf Dassler, and his contributions to the company's sport heritage, the collection is directly inspired by PUMA's founder. Dassler also registered the first PUMA logo, featuring a puma jumping through a slim letter D, when he founded the company in 1948.

On designs that are every bit as charismatic and strong as the company's founder, this logo appears across the collection.

PUMA has been a brand rooted in sport, since the start. Featuring removable, screw in studs, Dassler took the pitch by storm with his Super Atom boot, in 1952. PUMA carved its niche within the sport industry with this boot.

Reacting to culture rather than adapting, the years to come saw PUMA move with ferocity between playing fields. Introducing fresh classics that dominated the city block from Bogota to Berlin, it began to shift energy into the lifestyle arena, though wholly dedicated to sport.

Into fresh modern classics, today's Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik spins vintage styles. Always with a nod to sport, ever with Dassler's vision in mind, and utterly in sync with yesteryear and tomorrow - Its footwear, accessories, and apparel take new form with strong graphic language and hybrid styling.

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