Motorcycle Backpack is a Capable and Comfortable Gear Hauler!

During done in a day adventures, the Motorcycle Backpack has an updated reservoir to keep you hydrated. For backpacking and hiking, what I love about this hydration pack is that you can use it as a daypack, on your bike, or on a motorcycle!

Backpack Features

  • Back Panel with Air Director.
  • Shoulder Harness with Dynamic Suspension.
  • Fleece lined MP3/sunglass pocket.
  • For hike essentials, organizer pocket.
  • Removable waist belt and Slider Sternum strap.

Backpack Details

  • Backpack Size: 10.2" x 21" x 11.5"
  • Weight Shipped: 3 lbs
  • This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the United States.
  • Motorcycle Backpack model: 61319-rim

CamelBak's History

Read through their story, if you have found yourself wondering, with the unlimited amount of time you have reclaimed by texting instead of emailing, what CamelBak is really like.

An Idea Born From Thirst

Michael Eidson, bicycle enthusiast, in 1988, is competing in the Hotter'N Hell 100. A 100 mile road race in the grueling summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. There are few places to refill a water bottle, and water is vital to surviving the race.

An emergency medical technician by trade, Eidson, decides to fill an IV bag with water and slip it into a white tube sock. A tube sock! He throws the thin hose over his shoulder and clamps it with a clothespin, right after he stuffs the contraption into the back of his bike jersey.

Born is hands free hydration. And while the other racers fiddle with their water bottles and laugh, Eidson is able to drink as he pedals

The Road to Survival - Operation Hydration

So impressed by the product that he started bringing packs to races to sell them, was Jeff Wemmer, a competitive cyclist who fell hard for CamelBak. What a fan! During very tough times, CamelBak eventually hired him, and in 1993, Jeff embarked on a road trip to keep the start up running.

Pitching their renegade product from the back of his motorcycle, company lore has it that Jeff visited bike shops from Florida to California. Literally breathed another day of life back into CamelBak, by each order Jeff faxed back to the factory.

The Rest is Well Known

From an IV bag in a tube sock sold by a motorcycle driven sales force of one, it took imagination, conviction and courage to evolve. From inventing the hydration category to becoming the world's leading maker of hydration solutions - their core values remain the same and drive everything they do.

About those bikers who laughed at Eidson? These days, chances are they've got a CamelBak in their bike cage or strapped to their back. Who's laughing now?

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