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Backpack Books that are must reads! Authors Karen Berger, Jenny and Ray Jardine, and Colin Fletcher are some of the select few who have hiked the Triple Crown:

  • Continental Divide Trail
  • The Appalachian Trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail

Let alone all three, it is an incredible achievement to backpack one of these trails! Here are some hiking books you may be interested in reading...

The Man Who Walked Through Time: The Story
of the First Trip Afoot Through the Grand Canyon

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In 1963, Colin Fletcher walked through the entire Grand Canyon. About how he did it, some are critical. Make up your own mind after reading the book. Regardless of how they do it, I frankly give credit to anyone who can do this incredible journey!

The latest version of The Complete Walker is his latest book: The Complete Walker IV. Referred sometimes as the hikers bible. You may want to read this one as well, if you like the first book. The original version is the most interesting, some say.

Beyond Backpacking: Ray Jardines Guide to Lightweight Hiking

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Jardine conveys a wealth of information on how to enjoy your time in the back country, keep food from bears and lose pounds from your backpack. Not all, but most people find his book useful. You be the judge.

Hiking the Triple Crown : Appalachian Trail -
Pacific Crest Trail - Continental Divide Trail -
How to Hike America's Longest Trails

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The Triple Crown Trails, have captured the imaginations of backpackers and thru hikers alike.

Hiking the Triple Crown is an indisputable must have resource, for anyone planning or dreaming of a long distance hiking endeavor or thru hike. About long distance hiking, triple crown hiker/author Karen Berger covers everything one needs to know.

Of the three books, Hiking the Triple Crown may be the best. Very happy with this author, are readers of the book.

A best selling title, Everyday Wisdom, she also wrote. Check it out.

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