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Keep Your Gear Close at Hand with the Organic Feel of this Hemp Backpack!

Keep your gear close at hand with the organic feel of this Hemp Backpack, whether on the road or at school.

Large Hemp Backpack (Nepal)Hemp Backpack

Large Hemp Backpack (Nepal)Hemp Backpack

Backpack Features

  • In Nepal, hand sewn by Nepalese women
  • Constructed of one hundred percent hemp
  • Inside lining for tough use
  • 3 outside pockets
  • Top covered by flap
  • 18 inches H x 12 inches L x 6 inches W

A long tradition of hand sewing various articles for men and women by these artisan women continues. To weave and make these backpacks, its takes a lot of hard work and many hours. Provide a livelihood to these hard working people, when you purchase these backpacks through Overstock.

Creating variations in design, size and color, is the handcrafted touch of artisan skill. Slight differences should be expected, if buying two of the same product. Color discrepancies may occur between your computer screen and this product.

Hemp Material

Model Number: HEMP43

Green Buying Guide

Organic clothing option.

Grown without artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, are organic clothing materials, including organic cotton. Not only does organic clothing release fewer chemicals as you wear it, also, the production releases fewer chemicals into the air. Look for organic hemp clothing or bamboo clothing for a nice comfortable fit. Also very desirable for its silky, soft texture is organic cotton.

Look for Hemp and Bamboo Pieces

These fibers require much less resources and water to grow. Making them renewable resources, they also grow fast. From silky and sheer to durable and warm, both hemp and bamboo fibers can be made into organic fabrics with a variety of textures. Before trying dressier pieces, if you're skeptical, try hemp clothing and bamboo clothing in casual styles, such as a pair of lounge pants or a T shirt.

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